Parent Resources


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Regular attendance at school is necessary and expected. Excessive absences can affect a student’s ability to complete his/her schoolwork. If a student is to be absent for any reason, the parent or guardian must call the school office at (510)521-0787 or email by 8:30am to report the absence. Request for homework must be done by 12:00 noon.

Choice Lunch

Choice Lunch is an independent provider of school lunches and there’s no obligation to participate. For more information and to request a login/password to order, go to Choice Lunch website or app. When you sign up, use the code NERI.

Common Core Standards

California educators have joined a national movement to adopt common standards and assessments for English language arts and mathematics. Currently, standards for what students should know and be able to do vary among states, as does the difficulty of the assessments used to determine whether students are meeting those standards. Common standards allow for collaboration among states on best practices and professional development. Common learning goals provide a clear vision of what educators and parents in all states should aim for. These learning goals help ensure that students meet college and work expectations, are prepared to succeed in a global economy and society, and are provided with rigorous content and application of higher knowledge thinking. Benchmarked against international standards, the Common Core Standards assist students in their preparation to complete the requirements for enrollment at a California public university. For more information about the Common Core Standards visit the California Department of Education or read the California’s Common Core Standards Parent Handbook (English Version – Microsoft Word)

Dress Code

We take pride in our tradition of excellence. This tradition should be evident to those who come in contact with representatives of the school and the best representatives of any school are its students. Therefore, certain basic regulations exist for proper dress and grooming. These regulations are in the interest of creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and in demonstrating pride in our school. Please review the SPN Uniform and Dress Code.

Library and Accelerated Reader

You can access our library catalog by using “spn school” as the library name and leaving the password blank. To search for Acclerated Reader use the AR book finder.


Students in 4th through 8th grade have the option to participate in the M.U.S.E Band program after school on Thursdays. For more information see their website


Newsletter Archive

Parents are automatically subscribed to the weekly newsletter.  This is emailed out on Tuesdays and archived here for future reference.

Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) fosters communication and goodwill among parents, faculty, administration, and the parish. It organizes various events to welcome new families into the school community and provides opportunities for parents to participate in various school events.


PowerSchool is used by Middle School students for student grades. PowerSchool.

School Supplies (TK-5)

Please bring all supplies listed on this TK -5 School Supplies list on the first day of school.

School Supplies (Middle School)

Please bring all supplies listed on this Middle School Supplies List on the first day of school. All writing supplies must already be unpacked and stored in supply pouch. Please do not buy over-sized zip-around binders or rolling backpacks as they do not fit under our desks, lockers, and closets.


The SCRIP program allows families to make contributions to SPN by using gift cards from stores that have partnered with our school. There is no additional expense to families since the gift cards are purchased at face value. Download the SCRIP ORDER FORM to get started.


New uniforms can be ordered through Classic Designs. Please check the School Calendar for the annual used uniform exchange.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteering your time not only benefits your child’s education but also helps build and maintain our active and engaged community. Each school year, families are asked to donate a total of twenty (20) hours (15 hours for a single parent family). Families that are unable to donate the required time will be assessed a $50.00 fee at the end of the school year for each unsatisfied hour for up to $400. Please reach out to the Parent Teacher Group regarding volunteer opportunities. If your child participates in a sport, there is a minimum requirement of 5 volunteer hours for the Athletic Program.