School Board

The School Board serves the principal and pastor in areas of policy, budget, and long-term planning. It is composed of nine elected members. Representatives from the Athletic Board and the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) also sit on the School Board and are voting members.

The Board does not act as an arbitration committee, nor does it administer the school. The Board assists the principal and pastor in setting fees and tuition, is advised upon the withdrawal of students from Saint Philip Neri School, and confers with the principal, teachers, and other school personnel when appropriate.

The Board endorses the fact that parents have the primary right and responsibility for the education of their children and supports the concept, underlying the Privacy Act of 1974, that school officials keep pupil information for parents and not from them. It supports the procedures for compliance with IRS regulations which prohibit racial discrimination as outlined by the California Catholic Conference and is followed by all diocesan schools. The principal of the school is an executive officer of the Board without voting rights and other salaried employees of the school are not eligible for membership.

School Advisory Board

Interim School Principal         Julie Thomas

Parish Pastor Father                Joseph Pathiyil

President                                   Doug Evans

Vice President                           

Secretary                                   Carlos Trujillo

Finance Chair                            Victor Bright

Catholic Identity Chair            Hailey Castelaz

Development Chair                 

Belonging and Inclusion Committee  Justine Lazaro    

Enrollment Chair                    Patricia Altemura

Facilities Chair                         Larry Donovan

Marketing Co-Chair                Nicole Gwire Garbayo      

Marketing Co-Chair                

Athletic Board Co-Chair         Erin Manning 

Athletic Board Co-Chair         Alex Sadie

Parish Representative           Olivia de Talancé


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