Building a foundation for lifelong success


Saint Philip Neri Catholic School offers rigorous academics tied to the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. Our approach to whole-child education balances academic achievement with faith formation in an environment that demonstrates the joy of learning is the foundation for lifelong success.

English Language Arts, Math, and History are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Science standards are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Technology is infused throughout the curriculum and the students use multiple devices and programs. Personalized learning and adaptive programs are used to support student achievement and differentiation.

Character Standards

In addition to academic standards, our students have character standards/ Student Learning Expectations. We expect our students to be respectful, responsible, and curious in their learning.

Service Learning & Faith Centered Curriculum

As a Catholic school, we are rooted in our faith and are called to better the world we live in, respect the dignity of everyone we meet, and to reach out both locally and globally to honor all of God’s creations. Through service learning and class service projects, our students understand the importance of reaching beyond themselves.

Formal religious education is a daily part of our curriculum. Students attend weekly Mass with their class and we have monthly all-school masses, which are student led. Prayer services are also held to celebrate special feasts or significant historical events and are part of the religion program.  Preparation for the sacrament of First Communion and Reconciliation occurs in the 2nd grade. 

Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning is integrated throughout the curriculum. Using the zones of regulation and restorative justice, we help our students build empathy, learn to set achievable goals, make positive relationships, and understand how to manage their impulses. Two on-site, licensed counselors support our social emotional program.


Students have weekly instruction in Spanish, art, music, garden science, library, motor fitness, and physical education.


Middle school students have the opportunity to build 21st century skills through our elective program.