Tuition and Fees


Transitional Kindergarten – 8th Grade

(Preschool information below)

One Time Fees (Due during Registration):

Registration: $375 per child
Registration includes text books, work books, online curriculum, and Diocesan assessments.

Parent Teacher Group: $40 per family

Capital Improvement Fee: $100 per family

School Supplies Fee: $40 per child (TK – 5th Grade)

Athletic Fee: $250 per family (WAIVED for 2023-24*)

Emergency Kit Fee: $15 per child (new students only)

Share & Care Registration: $40 per family (if applicable)

Tuition In Parish*

1 Child: $9,080

2 Children: $16,000

3 Children: $22,610

4 Children: $29,210

5 Children: $34,950

Tuition Out of Parish

1 Child: $10,630

2 Children: $18,630

3 Children: $26,280

4 Children: $34,000

5 Children: $40,900

*Athletic Fee

Due to the success of the Auction the Athletic Board has voted to waive the Athletic Fee. Please continue to be generous in your support of the Auction.

** In Parish Status:

  1. Family must be registered in St. Philip Neri Parish for a minimum of one year.*
  2. Family must contribute using church envelopes or monthly EFT. (Suggested amounts indicated on the envelopes.)
  3. Family must celebrate with parish in Sunday Liturgy and play an active role in the life of the parish community.

In Parish Status is reviewed once prior to the school year in May. Should families not meet the requirements for In-Parish tuition as noted above, reclassification to Out-Of-Parish status will be in effect until the next review the following May.

Tuition Due Dates/Collection Policy

One time fees for the academic year are collected during spring registration. Tuition installment payments are due on the first of the month beginning on August 1st and continuing through May 1st. When tuition is not paid by the 10th day of the month, the following are steps that will be taken:

  1. Notices will be sent to all families delinquent on tuition.
  2. If there is no response to the first notice, a second will be sent within one week.
  3. Parents unable to bring their tuition account current will be referred to the principal for
  4. Parents who fail to respond to the overdue notices from the principal shall be notified by
    certified mail no later than seven days after the initial contact by the principal, that their student will
    be administratively suspended from school immediately unless payment is made or an appointment
    made to discuss the issue.
  5. The principal has the authority to arrange a payment program to meet extraordinary
    circumstances or to recommend termination of students whose parents do not comply with the
    school’s adopted tuition/financial policy.
  6. Delinquent accounts are reviewed monthly. Delinquent account decisions shall be rendered in
    writing and will be considered final upon approval of the pastor and principal.
  7. Finally, families with delinquent accounts will not be eligible to register for the new school year
    until account has been settled. Registration packets will be withheld in May.

The school reserves the right to do any of the following with regard to the payment of past due accounts for
which no payment arrangements have been made:

  1. Withhold report cards.
  2. Deny a student enrollment for the following trimester or next school year.
  3. Deny a graduating student participation in graduation ceremonies and/or withhold a diploma.

Note: Authorized payment programs shall be by contract between the parent and the school, and administered by the Principal and Pastor. Failure to meet the terms of the payment contract shall be grounds for student termination from school.

Tuition Late Fees/Returned Checks
Tuition is considered late on the 11th of each month. A charge of $25.00 per month will be added as a late fee for any payment not received by the end of the school day on the 10th of each month. All checks should be made payable to Saint Philip Neri Catholic School. A penalty of $25.00 is charged for returned checks.

Preschool Tuition and Fees

  • Registration: $400
  • Tuition: $1,300 per month (August – May)

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