Electives and Clubs

Electives are Middle School student choice classes that allow them to grow in their creativity and collaborative skills. Most classes last one trimester so students are able to explore a great variety of classes durung their Middle School years.



Drama – Character exploration, performance skills, general set and costume design, and more. The skills learned here will prepare students for high school theater programs.

Broadcasting – Storyboard, film, edit and produce a broadcast.

Public Speaking – Gain confidence in speaking in front of a group of people. Students have the opportunity to write and present short speeches in front of a group. They learn presentation techniques and provide peer feedback.

Programming – Students learn how coding can drive creative problem-solving. Students are introduced to programming through easy-to-learn block-based languages and move on to “real” programming with Python.

Genius Hour – Based on Google’s “20% time”, Genius Hour is a time to allow 6th-8th graders to research, design, explore and create a project based on their interests and passions. Throughout the trimester, students blog about their progress and conduct a final presentation.

Yearbook – This class is responsible for creating the school yearbook. Students will learn photography, photo editing, design layout, and advertising.

Robotics – Explore creating robots and programming them to complete specific tasks.

Bay Language Academy – In partnership with the Bay Language Academy, Middle School students have the option to study French or Spanish.