Responsible use

Technology Agreement

The Diocese of Oakland recognizes the various ways, both positive and negative, that students and parents can use technology both in school and at home. Our objective is to fully prepare students to use the resources available in ethical, constructive, productive and intelligent ways as Christian citizens in a global community. While using technology, students are expected to:

1. Treat others with respect and compassion in all interactions, including online communication
2. Care for school devices and systems, and not vandalize or intentionally damage them in any way
3. Respect others privacy and work, by protecting and not sharing or using passwords, messages, photos, recordings, or personal information of someone without their permission
4. Use school technology resources for educational purposes only
5. Use personal technology only as directed by staff while at school

Students are expected to abide by this code of conduct anywhere or anytime their actions can affect the school or other students. While the school is not responsible for policing online activity, conflicts online between students, parents, or staff rarely stay online; the school is notified when such conflicts affect the wellbeing of members of the school community. Students and parents who use technology in ways that are contrary to our mission will face disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

Jurisdiction and Definitions
While using technology, students are expected to comply with the code of conduct published in the school’s parent-student handbook. The school’s jurisdiction with respect to conduct includes:

  • When the student is on school grounds, or on the way to or from school
  • At officially sanctioned school-sponsored events, or on the way to or from such events
  • Outside of the school when a student’s actions negatively impact another student, staff member, or the school

Parents are also expected to abide by the code of conduct found in the school’s parent-student handbook, to the extent that their technology use affects other members of the school community.

For purposes of this document, “technology” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hardware: computers, servers, tablets, e-Readers, phones, smartphones, digital cameras, gaming devices, wearable devices, networking equipment, or accessories
  • Software: operating systems and programs
  • Services: email, web sites, web apps, learning platforms, internet service
  • Telecommunications: transmission or publishing text messages, chat room commentary, comments, pictures, videos, audio recordings, posts on social networking sites, blogs, wikis, gaming, chats, and other digital transmissions.

“Personal information” includes a person’s name, address, email addresses, phone numbers, online accounts, or other contact or identifying information.

Please return your signed Technology Responsible Use Agreement before the academic year begins.

Staff Contact: James Toner,