Third Grade Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

I hope you are doing well. We recently made our Lenten promises for the upcoming season and focused on what we could give up to make us better people versus something material and tangible. At the end of our classroom discussion, students gave up fighting with siblings, arguing with parents, or using unkind words, to name a few. With these types of promises, we hope to create a more kind and inclusive third-grade environment. 

Recently, we’ve conducted community circles and alternate seating arrangements to encourage students to interact with each other more positively. Additionally, our last community circle focused on a mindfulness exercise called “Just Like Me,” where students underwent a guided visualization practice that invited them to look at how we are similar in important ways. The students enjoyed it and found it to be a positive and reflective experience. We plan to continue these messages and practices throughout the school year.

Here are some upcoming dates to plan for:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 13 – Burning of the Palms – Morning Assembly
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13 – St. Valentine’s Day Free Dress (red, pink, white)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 – Ash Wednesday, Mass 9:30 a.m.
  • Friday, Feb. 16 – Noon Dismissal
  • Monday, Feb. 19 – NO SCHOOL – Presidents Day – No Share and Care
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20 – Free Dress for February Birthdays
  • Friday, Feb. 23 – Academy of Science Field Trip
  • Saturday, Feb. 24 – Gala Auction

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Learning Overview

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Costy 

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