Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, October 30,2021

In accordance with our School Wide Learning Expectations, we will be awarding students with a special “SLE”.  Students must exhibit Respect, Responsibility, Reverence and showing steps towards being Lifelong Learners. SLE recognition sheets will go into a basket for a raffle each week on Wednesdays to earn Free Dress!  Each Wednesday a name will be selected from the basket and a winner will be awarded a Free Dress!  This will include students from our Early Elementary Wing,  Preschool-Kindergarten.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and as we approach the holiday season, we would like to have the students create a “Board Of Thankfulness.” Coming home this Monday will be the directions for the Board. It will be our November homework. During the week of November 15th the students will share their boards with the class.  Please have your child practice sharing the board. All of this information will go home on Monday, November 1st. with your child’s homework folder.

Your child will be receiving their first trimester report card on Friday, November 19th. Please keep in mind that these reports are designed to document and provide specific feedback to students and parents as well as future teachers about a student’s progress toward specific grade-level standards and social-emotional growth. The reports also allow parents and students to understand more clearly what a student is expected to know by the end of each grade level.Please remember  to keep your child’s report card and to sign and return the report card envelope. 

Please make sure that your child has an extra mask in their backpack at all times!

Our SuperKid next week is Sebastian. Thank you to Samantha F.  for sharing your things.

What’s Happening in the Classroom?

ELA/ SuperKids/ Writing-SuperKids Unit 8- Introduce Icky, recognize that words are made up of letters, identify initial i, associate picture names with i, listen for details in a song, form capital I and lower case i, associate final dd with d, associate ss with s, blend sounds to decode words, draw conclusions from picture, encode words,, follow oral directions,understand homophones,use prior knowledge, recognize rhythm and rhyme, discuss nursery rhymes

Math.- Interactive Notebook- identify and predict the next piece in a pattern, sort groups with more than the other

Social Studies- Calendar Skills, Map Skills- positional words

Science- Introduce Vocabulary for Living Things

Religion- All Saints Day, We Share God’s Love, Jesus Welcomes the Children

Looking Ahead

Monday, November 1st- All Saints Day

                November Homework Folder distributed

Wednesday, November 10th- Minimum Day- Noon Dismissal

Thursday, November 11th- Veterans Day Holiday- No School

Friday, November 19th– First Trimester Report Cards Distributed

Monday, November 22nd- Friday, November 27th- Thanksgiving Vacation- No School

We enjoyed our Halloween Parade and Carnival! How fun to see everyone in costume!

Sincerely, Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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