First Grade Weekly Update October 9th-13th

Weekly Syllabus October 9th-13th, 2023


Monday, October 9th is Indigenous Peoples’ Day-No School

Some parents were wondering if peanut butter is ok to sent to school.  The answer is yes.  You may send peanut butter with your child to school.


We will begin Chapter 3 God Our Father and Creator. Students will learn that the God is our creator, how God created us in his own image, ways to care for God’s creations, and ways to use pictures to help us pray

Language Arts

Unit 2 Lessons 6-10

Word Work: Associate th with the sound and spelling, read and decode words with th, encode words with th, sh, and ch, and use capitalization and exclamation points.

Spelling Words: this, that, thin, think, thank, bath, path, math, cloth, and moth

Reading: Develop fluent reading with repeated readings of a story, listen to and read both literary and information text, identify main topic and key details, give and support opinions, recognize text structure, understand and describe characters, and use the words choices, carefully, and decision.

Writing: Write answers to a question about a story, generate and write research questions, find answers to research questions, write and illustrate facts, and edit sentences for capitalization, end marks, and other errors



We will begin Unit 1 Module 4-The number rack explorations in this module involve part-part-whole relationships, particularly missing-addend and subtraction problems. Students also engage in “quick look” activities to help them subitize quantities to 20, and they add 1 and subtract 1 from those totals. The final session features a post-unit assessment.

Number Corner for October

Focus for October Number Corner: Ten is the magic number for October, the tenth month of the year. Students compose and decompose the number 10, practice instantly seeing quantities on ten-frames, and learn about “leaps of ten” on the number line. The Calendar Grid features sets of fall pictures to inspire math stories and during the Calendar Collector workout, students collect and count patterns blocks and make a composite shape picture.

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