Second Grade Update – Week of 5/12

Dear Second Grade Families,
Happy Friday!

What a glorious Spring Concert! Our second graders’ voices were full of joy and made me feel like dancing along. 🙂 Thank you to our Art Docent, Mrs. Ortiz, for guiding the second graders in their study of different artists and styles all year. In addition to the time she spends with the students, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes for her to prepare lessons and get all the artwork ready for this show. Tonight was an awesome display of your children’s creativity and effort! I hope you enjoyed the Celebration of the Arts and Spring Concert as much as I did! 

Next week, students will have the opportunity to participate in our Student Leadership Council (“SLC”) elections for next year! They will listen to SLC candidates share their speeches and then vote for the candidates they think would do the best job for the office. This is such good timing on the heels of our government unit! 🙂

We will also read a book called “Mrs. Rumphius”, which is all about making the world a better and more beautiful place. Students will create a watercolor of their own and then write about how they can make the world better. There are so many different ways, and I look forward to hearing what each of them will do!

Below is our second grade learning update.

Focus Areas for Our Learning Next Week:

  • Reading – 
    • In reading groups, students will continue our final SUPER magazine. Students focus on identifying the main idea and details within articles as well as finding evidence to support their answers. As always, there is a focus on reading fluency and speaking and listening skills as we work together in a small group.
    • At night, students should read aloud to practice fluent reading skills. Please encourage your child to observe punctuation, read at a good pace, and read the words as they appear in the text (no deletions or substitutions).
  • Grammar/Spelling – In Superkids, students will practice decoding and encoding long “o” words. They will also practice with the suffix ‘ness. Students should practice their spelling words for a quiz on Friday.
  • Writing – We will continue our goal from last week – Students will use their notes planning page to draft paragraphs focused on several areas: description, habitat, diet, predators, and family life. Students will be mindful about organizing their information in a way that makes sense and flows well.
  • Math – Students will finish their “measurement gardens” by writing about them. They should also be working on their last challenge packet for the year, due the first week of June. It includes a review of rounding, graph analysis, and word problems focused on the passage of time, measurement, and three-digit addition and subtraction. Students are allowed to take these home as long as they bring them back. 🙂
  • Religion – We will finish our Family Life Unit – God’s Gift of Life. Students will reflect on how they show gratitude, how they take care of others in their lives, and what more they can do.
  • Social Studies –The class will continue discussing wants versus needs and goods and services. We will connect these ideas to our lives and expand on them through read-alouds.
  • Science – This week, students will connect biodiversity concepts from our science unit as we discuss our animal research reports and identify the different types of animals students are writing about.

Other Updates for this Week:

  • STAR Assessments – We will complete our final STAR assessments next week on Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast and consistent sleep. As I have said before, these assessments are just one piece of data, but students should give their best effort. Thank you!
  • Dates to Remember:
    • Saturday, May 13 – First Holy Communion, 10am in the church
    • Monday, May 15 – First Communion Brunch after 8:30 Mass
    • Tuesday, May 16 – Free dress for May b-days
    • Friday, May 19 – Sports Awards Night
    • Tuesday, May 23 – Field trip to Semifreddi’s
    • Monday, May 29 – No school – Memorial Day

We look forward to seeing our students on Monday!

All the best,

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