Third Grade Weekly Update

-Language Arts:

Focus Text: Young Thomas Edison

Essential Question: What important traits must an inventor have?

CCSS: RL.3.3 Describe characters in a story (e.g., their traits, motivations, or feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.  RF.3.4 Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. 


Unit: Multiplication, Division & Area

Module 3: Division Practice

Focus: Students again investigate two different interpretations of division—sharing and grouping—by solving story problems that elicit one interpretation or the other, and then sharing and discussing their work as a class.

CCSS: 3.OA.A.2 Interpret whole-number quotients of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 56 ÷ 8 as the number of objects in each share when 56 objects are partitioned equally into 8 shares, or as a number of shares when 56 objects are partitioned into equal shares of 8 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a number of  shares or a number of groups can be expressed as 56 ÷ 8. 3.OA.B.6 Understand division as an unknown-factor problem. For example, find 32 ÷ 8 by finding the number that makes 32 when multiplied by 8.


Bible Story: Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Activity: Writing and reflection

PS3.REL.3: Articulate grade appropriate church doctrine, history and moral issues. 

-Social Studies:

Unit: Development of a Community- Change over time

Essential Question:Why did people come to California and other parts of the country? 

Activity: Community Reflection/Needs of a Community discussion

CCSS: 3.SS.2- Explain why people moved to their particular community and how it may have changed over time


Mystery Science Unit: Invisible Forces- Forces, Motion & Magnets

Question: How  could you invent a trap?

Activity: Be an Inventor- Students draw their own inventions for machines that do chores.


Math: Both due on Friday

  1. Home Connection P. 91-92 (More Number Puzzles)
  2. Home Connection P.93-94 (More Division Practice)


  • 2 Worksheets: Concrete/Abstract Nouns, Types of Sentences Review


*We will have STAR testing this Friday and next Friday both at 10:30 after recess.

**I will have a sub on Tuesday and Wednesday due to illness. I hope to return on Thursday.

Dates To Remember:

  • Feb. 17th: President’s Day- No School
  • Feb. 22nd: Crab Feed
  • Feb. 24th: February Birthdays Free Dress
  • Feb. 26th: Ash Wednesday-All School Mass

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