Third Grade Weekly Update

Here is a look at what were working on this week:

Language Arts: 

This week will focus on reviewing and revisiting grammar and writing concepts. This will include: Cause and effect, nouns and verbs as well as present and past tenses

CCSS: RF.4 Read aloud fluently, accurately, and with natural expression. EL.1 Engage effectively in a range of discussion for knowledge/understanding. A.L.1-2 Demonstrate and show command of conventions of standard English grammar/usage.

Math: Introduction to adding fractions with common denominators.

CCSS: NF.1-3 Explain any unit fraction as one part of a whole, fractions on a number line and using models to show and explain equivalent fractions

Literature (AR- Accelerated Reader): Please encourage your child to read independently at home. 

Religion: This week’s religion lessons will focus on Advent as well as what part we play in certain situations; Instigator, Collaborator, Victim, Bystander and Rescuer.

Social Studies:  NewsELA Article- “History of Christmas”

*Followed by a quiz and writing prompt

Science: NewsELA articles- “Protoceratops”

*Followed by quiz and writing prompt

Homework: The only homework this week will be to begin searching for Oratorical works that will be performed in January. 

Dates to Remember:

December 19thAdvent Prayer service in the Hall
December 20th
Christmas Concert
December 21st
Noon dismissal, share and care unavailable

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