Second Grade Update

Dear Second Grade Families,

As we enter the final two months of the year, I want to provide a snapshot of what we will be focusing on in class.

  • English Language Arts –
    • continuing basic word work skills (spelling patterns, comparative and superlative adjectives, prefixes and suffixes)
    • writing clear, well-structured paragraphs to support informational and narrative writing
    • deepening reading comprehension skills: monitoring our understanding, using text structures and context clues, making connections between texts and to our own experiences
  • Math –
    • exploring area and arrays as a basis for multiplication
    • using attributes to identify and describe 2-D and 3-D shapes
    • working with fractions to describe parts of wholes and items within sets
    • solidifying strategies for 2-3 digit subtraction with regrouping
  • Social Studies – 
    • exploring national symbols, monuments and basic geography of the United States
    • developing basic understanding of economic concepts: production and consumption, individuals’ roles within the economy, and use of resources
  • Science – 
    • using our understanding of plant needs and structures to explore different habitats as well as the animals that live in them
  • Religion – 
    • developing a better understanding and appreciation for the parts of the Mass, culminating in the Liturgy of the Eucharist as many students prepare for First Communion
    • deepening our understanding of what it means to live like Jesus and serve others in our community (service project coming in May where we will partner with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to raise money for patients and write letters of encouragement to patients and those who care for them)

I am also in the process of planning our last field trip. We will likely need chaperones and drivers for this trip, and it will be in May. I will provide more details as soon as I have them.

Below is our weekly update. I look forward to a great week of learning with your children!

What We Are Learning –

  • English Language Arts
    • Word Work – recognizing long a spelling patterns; capitalization rules for titles
    • Reading – exploring SUPER magazine and reinforcing the skills of identifying main ideas and supporting details, recognizing informational text features, identifying words that are important to the text, and monitoring comprehension
    • Writing – practicing identifying and writing the parts of a paragraph; introducing our new writing project (informational writing with African animals)
  • Math – working with area and arrays as a basis for understanding multiplication
  • Social Studies – exploring Washington, D.C. as our nation’s capital
  • Science – considering the cause and effect relationship between a plant’s needs and the habitat where it would best survive
  • Religion – learning about parts of the Mass (Liturgy of the Eucharist)

Upcoming Important Dates/Events –
– Monday, Apr. 8th –
Alameda Library visits 2nd grade to share their Earth Month program!
Monday, Apr. 8th – Vision Testing
– Monday, Apr. 15th –
 Free Dress for April Birthdays
– Tuesday, Apr. 16th – Mini Maker Fair
– Wednesday, Apr. 17th – Earth Day Movie
– Thursday, Apr. 18th – Holy Thursday, Noon Dismissal
– Friday, Apr. 19th – Sunday, April 28th – Spring Break!

With gratitude,
Catherine Suer

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