Second Grade Update

Dear Second Grade Families, 

I’m sending our weekly update email early because I want to make sure to give you enough time to buy some frosting. 🙂 We have a fun week ahead, including building gingerbread houses (out of graham crackers) on Thursday. Mrs. Serles and I are supplying the graham crackers and decorations. Each child needs to bring a can of white frosting by Thursday (preferably not whipped because it doesn’t stick as well). We will be maintaining all safety protocols during this activity, and supplies will be distributed only by teachers using spoons/tongs. If you want to send in the frosting ahead of time so that there is no chance of forgetting on Thursday, please do. We can label it with your child’s name. *If your child is a distance learner, I will touch base with you separately. 🙂

Additional updates are below:

  • Art Docent – On Tuesday, Mrs. Ortiz will join us via Zoom with a Winter Art Docent project! Your child should log on to my zoom meeting ID at 1pm.
  • Accelerated Reader (AR) Range – We will be giving your child their new AR range based on their most recent STAR. They will use this to choose books on Epic and for any independent reading. 
  • Independent Reading / AR Quizzes – Students should still be taking one AR quiz per week. I’ve noticed that this is not as consistent since our return to on-campus learning. Please help them get back in the habit. Students should read for 20 minutes a day over the break and complete quizzes on their reading. This is the only academic thing I will ask them to do during their holiday. 🙂
  • Dates to remember:
    • December 15: Art Docent 
    • December 17: Gingerbread Houses
    • December 18: Noon Dismissal (remote learning day for all)
    • December 21-January 5: Christmas Break

Key Documents/Links (master file also attached for printing):

  • Schedule – notable items below:
    • Tuesday – Art Docent takes the place of reading groups. A supplies list was sent on Wednesday, the 9th.
    • Thursday – Students need to bring a can of white frosting for their Gingerbread house.
    • Friday – Reading groups will be whole-class at 9:30, using my zoom meeting ID.
  • Weekly Assignment Matrix – Since we have stopped using the daily checklist on Seesaw, students should continue to check off their at-home assignments to ensure they are on track.

If anyone has issues printing, please let me know. Your child should have a copy of both the schedule and the matrix each week.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! 

All the best,

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