Preschool Weekly Update

[even with insects]


Even with insects—
some can sing,
    some can’t

Dear Families,

We are enjoying our exploration on insects and bugs. Ms. Hanen has her magnifying glass handy when we are outside in case a bug or spider is found. We are working on an AABB pattern and this month we are finishing up the alphabet with the letters Vv and Yy.

This Tuesday is the Fun Run! We have been preparing with the Fun Run workout video each morning including the home challenge. Preschoolers will start at 9:05am and we will have snack at the big school so we can cheer on TK and Kindergarten. Please make sure your child is wearing sturdy tennis shoes for this event. Our run is short but we don’t want the children to trip.

Thursday is the Celebration of Art in O’Brien Hall. Preschoolers are presenting two pieces of artwork. “Fire” is an interpretation of the need to take care of our planet. The children used acrylic paint and a wooden fork to make their design. “Cattails” was inspired by our “Pond Life” curriculum. These were created with a beveled sponge brush and brown paper clippings.

Friday is our Emergency Evacuation Drill. The email with your child’s designated pick up time and pick up protocol was sent last week. All updated emergency forms from the preschool have been given to the office. If you have questions please contact the school office.

Lastly, with the transition into summer break rapidly approaching, we are seeing some behavioral issues. This is normal and together we can reassure the children that this transition to summer is a normal part of school life.

Blessings, Ms. Grace and Ms. Hanen


School hours 8:00am – 6:00pm

Potty Training Policy

Preschool Handbook 2022-2023

Health, Safety and Well Being

Extreme Heat Precautions

California’s Fire Season 2021

Daily Health Screening


  • May 9th – FUN RUN-preschool participates
  • May 11th – Spring Concert-Celebration of the Arts-Preschool will have art in the show
  • May 12th– All School Evacuation Drill- No Share & Care or afternoon preschool
  • May 16th – May birthday free dress
  • May 17th – SLC Spirit Day – Beach Day
  • May 26th – Feast of St. Philip Neri – Noon Dismissal – Regular preschool hours
  • May 29th – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
  • June 2nd – Preschool class pizza party
  • June 9th – Preschool End of Year Celebration @ 11:00am

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