Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, Friday, May 28,2021

Your children are almost First Graders! All children have shown growth in their emotional, social and academic education in Kindergarten this year.  For the last two weeks of school, the Kindergarteners will be “First Graders in Training.” We have created these badges with lanyards for the students to wear in class! Their First grade teacher, Mrs. Sturlini will come to visit and speak with them about First Grade.  They will participate in activities leading up to the last day that will prepare them for First Grade!

The students did a fabulous job on their Saints Reports! We so enjoyed hearing their presentations and appreciate all of the extra work involved. It’s a great learning experience in preparation for the older grades.

 For our last weeks of school, we will be making some changes in the regular routines so please check the weekly letter describing the changes and some fun additions! We will focus on finishing up the last skills in the SuperKid Unit and Bridges Math Curriculum.

The Ribbon Ceremony will take place on Tuesday June 8th at 10:30AM.  Traditionally, the 8th Grade class and Kindergarten are buddies and spend time together throughout the year on special days and at All School Masses.  This special ceremony is our way of sending off our 8th Graders.  The link will be sent out to the school community for viewing.  Parents of Kindergarten students are invited to this event.  It will be held in the church.  If you plan to attend it can only be parents, no additional family members due to Covid restrictions.  You will not be able to sit with your child as they will be in a separate area for the ceremony.   Pews will be marked off for you to sit in, please follow church signage.  

We will watch the 8th graders graduate at their Baccalaureate Mass on Thursday, June 10th in class.  

Our End of Year Celebration will take place on Monday, June 14th.  Due to Covid restrictions the party will take place throughout the school day.  We have a variety of events planned throughout the day to send off this special year in style!

For the last day of School St. Philip Neri traditionally has a “Moving Up Ceremony”. We will have our “Moving Up Ceremony” on Tuesday, June 15th in our classroom.  Teachers prepare a send-off speech for their classes and present it on this day.  The school will send out a link so that all families can view these speeches.  This is our last day of school and please note, it is a 10:30 dismissal.  There is no Share and Care on this day.

Our SuperKid this week is Elizabeth.

          What’s Going on in Class?

ELA/SuperKids/ Writing- Unit 23 Superkids- Compare upper and lower case Xx, Yy, blend sounds to decode words, read “memory” word “you”,, identify punctuation in dialogue, associate words with pictures and sentences, follow oral directions, recall story details,write simple sentences, story elements- character, setting and event

Math.Bridges Unit 7-Combinations of five and ten

Social Studies-/ ART- Symbols of America “The White House”, Andy Warhol

Science- “Our Sun Warms”

Religion-  End of Year Thank yous

Looking Ahead

Monday, May 31st- Memorial Day Holiday- No School

Tuesday, June 1st- Fun Run Free Dress

Tuesday, June 8th- Kindergarten and 8th Grade Ribbon Ceremony- 10:30AM

Thursday, June 10th- Baccalaureate Mass for 8th Grade-10:00AM ( we will watch at school.)

Monday, June 14th- End of year Celebration

Tuesday, June 15th Last day of School- Moving Up Ceremony- 10:30 All School Dismissal

We are blessed to have been a part of your children’s education. Thanks for all you have done this year to support us in your children’s education.

Sincerely, Mrs. Foster ,Mrs. Halkias and Mrs. Hall

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