Kindergarten update

Dear Parents, January 22,2021

The students will now begin learning about the Zones of Regulation. The Zones of Regulation program is a framework to teach self-regulation.The students will be introduced to the different zones and will learn how they can use the zones to describe how they feel. Books are used which describe different feelings that they might have in each zone. Students have begun sharing emotions that they feel. We have discussed the fact that students may feel different emotions at different times and that this is expected and part of being who they are. The zones are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. More information to come later.

 Please be sure that your child is working on Lexia on our Distance Learning Day.

  (Wednesdays) ( more is ok too!) Lexia addresses the development of oral language, reading, spelling, and writing skills for students. Fundamental reading skills are developed.  Students receive student-driven and teacher-directed personalized instruction. 

Thank you for the extra work with your children in helping them to learn their poems for our Oratorical Fest. The students did a great job. The standards addressed for this special presentation (as well as the Family History Project  due next week) include being able to speak audibly and express their thoughts, feelings and ideas clearly. It is a lifelong standard! 

Our SuperKid next week is Colton.

                                       What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/Language Arts. SuperKids- begin SuperKid Frits, recognize that words are made up of letters, identify initial f, Identify upper and lower case f,  encode f words,identify the title of a story, track print from left to right and top to bottom, answer questions about a story, blend sounds to decode words, determine important ideas, follow oral directions

Math- Bridges-learn tally form, explore various groupings adding one at a time, explore ways to determine the total number of remaining sticks, build quantities shown by teacher on a tally display card

Social Studies- Ruby Bridges

Science- Weather Tools

Religion- We Care for Each Other

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, January 27th- Spirit Day Dress as a TV or Movie character

Thursday, January 28th – Family History Project Due -Students share projects.

 We want to remind you of our special Catholic Schools Week celebration January 31st- February 5th.

Here are the highlights:

Sunday, January 31st- 9:00 AM  Virtual Mass

 Virtual Open House classrooms- 10:30-11AM 

Monday,February 1st- Celebrating Community/Service Project- Each class is asked to donate to Building Futures, an organization  which is a part of Alameda County’s Coordinated Entry System. (See Mrs. Murray’s Weekly Newsletter for more information.) Kindergarten is asked to donate shampoo and conditioner.Thank you for your generosity in helping those in need.

Tuesday,February 2nd – Celebrating Students- Student Appreciation

Wednesday- February 3rd- Celebrating Service and Faith families

Thursday, February 4th– Celebrating Academic Excellence- Oratorical fest

Friday, February 5th– Celebrating Faculty, Staff – Distance Learning- Noon Dismissal

Speaking for all of the teachers, we are most grateful for our parents and students here at SPN.

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