Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, June 5,2020

It’s hard to believe that the school year is over. It was a great pleasure to have your children in our class this year. We ALL learned so many things! Your children are so proud and have become more confident in their skills- Reading, Writing, Math, Speaking.These past  (almost 12)  weeks we struggled through our daily Zoom classes- changing and evolving as the days progressed.We can never thank you enough for your support and confidence in us.

The year is over so we now return your children to you- the same children that you entrusted in our care last fall. We return them now to you with a few more pounds, a few inches taller and months wiser, more responsible and more mature than back then.

We know that your children would have grown without our help; however we want you to know that  it has been a pleasure and a privilege to see their personalities grow day by day and see how they have developed in their learning.

We have laughed ( lots of laughs), played, studied and learned; the students have enriched our lives during the year. Take care of your children for they are so precious and so genuine.

Remember that we will always have a great interest in your children- in their schooling here at St. Philip Neri, in their destinies, wherever they may go, whatever they may do and whoever they become.We are blessed to be a part of the St. Philip Neri Community.

Looking Ahead

Thursday, June 11th- Parent materials pick up- please refer to Mrs. Murray’s time schedule In the St.Philip Neri Weekly Newsline for details 

Signing off,

Mrs. Gina Foster and Mrs. Linda Halkias

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