Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, Friday, May 29,2020

We made it! Your children are almost First Graders! Your children have shown growth in their emotional, social and academic education this Kindergarten year. We have been privileged to work with your children, especially in this time of Social Distancing and Long Distance Learning on Zoom. It’s been challenging for all.

For our last week of school, we are making some changes in the Morning Zoom class so please check the weekly letter describing the changes and some fun additions to our Zoom Class.We will focus on finishing up the last skills in the SuperKids Unit and Bridges Math curriculum.

The students did a fabulous job on their Saints Reports! We so enjoyed hearing their presentations and appreciate all of the extra work involved. It’s a great learning experience in preparation for the older grades.

We will also share our Art Gallery Slideshow and the Ribbon Ceremony this week .The Ribbon Ceremony is precious and their Art is fabulous!

Our SuperKid this week is Joshua. He will share on Tuesday.

The Guessstimation Jar goes to Liam H. and we will do our guessing on Thursday instead of Friday for this last week.

What’s Going on in Long Distance Zoom Class?

ELA/SuperKids/ Writing– Unit 24 Superkids- understand sequence words- (first ,next, last),  sequence events, associate words with past, present and future,recall story events, follow oral directions, blend sounds to decode words, read “memory” words, recognize alphabetical order, write simple sentences

Math.-Write and Understand Story problems using Addition and Subtraction

Social Studies-Community Helpers

Religion- Pentacost

Looking Ahead

Monday, June 1st- Friday June 5th.- Last week of School- Please refer to details for each daily Zoom on the weekly letter sent out to parents.

Thursday, June 11th- Parent materials pick up- please refer to weekly schedule for details 

We are blessed to have been a part of your children’s education. Thanks for all you have done this year to support us in your children’s education.

Sincerely, Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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