First Grade Weekly Update

Report Cards were sent home on Friday.  Please review them and return the signed envelope only next week.

The season of Advent begins as a preparation for the coming of Jesus.  We will be focusing on this in the classroom.  The students will attend an Advent Prayer Service each Wednesday morning after assembly.  We will participate in the parish Creche festival. Thank you also for your participation in the school-wide Adopt-A-Family program.  All gifts are due on Wednesday, December 12.

Here is a look at what we are working on this week:

English Language Arts:

  • /er/ sound as in hammer and stronger
  • ‘ed’ ending added to verbs to show past tense sounding like /d/ as in melted and /t/ as in looked
  • sight words:  look     your    the    was    are   for
  • Bubble Bubble Gum,  and  In a Pickle, and Pick it Up
  • writing: narrative writing
  • writing:  checking for capitalization and end marks


  • adding doubles (4+4,  3+3)
  • adding doubles +1  (4+5,     3+4)
  • story problems
  • comparing numbers


  • Advent


  • How do boats find their way in the fog?

Dates to Remember:

November 26-30-Scholastic Book Fair

December 2-Advent begins

December 4-Dine & Donate-Tomatina

December 5-Advent Prayer Service

December 10-Christmas Craft

December 12-Advent Prayer Service

December 12-Adopt-A-Family gifts due

December 17-December birthdays free dress

December 19-Advent Prayer Service

December 20-Christmas Concert in the Church, 7 p.m.

December 21-minimum day, Christmas vacation begins

January 7-Return to school

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