First Grade Weekly Update

Thank you to all the parents who have donated more unscented wipes so far.

The focus for lent in first grade is spending time doing for others and less time doing for yourself.  Students brought home green “leaves” to write down good deeds they are doing for lent.  They can return them one at a time to add to our tree as it blossoms for Spring.  I have more leaves if needed.

Here is a look at what we are working on this week:

English Language Arts:

  • read  Buster is Back, Buster’s Surprise, Homer 
  • sight words:  boy   girl   two   four   about   over   before
  • contractions with irregular n’t (will not-won’t,  cannot-can’t)
  • compound words


  • 2 dimensional shapes 
  • defining attributes for shapes


  • Lent
  • Catholic Relief Services-Focus on Options for the Poor and Vulnerable with a story from Uganda
  • Jesus shares God’s love
  • Zones of Regulation

Social Studies:

  • name & identify the continents
  • name & identify the oceans


  • How can the sun help you if you are lost?

Dates to Remember:

March 12-Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Play Structure

March 14-Report cards home

March 15-No school for students/Staff Development Day

March 18-free dress for March birthdays

April 5-Emergency Drill-No Share & Care

April 12-Faith Families

April 15-free dress for April birthdays

April 18-Seder Meal/Minimum Day

April 19-28-Easter Break

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