First Grade Weekly Update

Homework has a different look to it this week.  The Menus I have did not reflect our classwork this week.  Going forward there will be a mix of the Homework menu and math and Superkids worksheets.

Remember, if your child is interested in creating a book for the Diocesan Young Author’s Fair, please let me know and I can send home the guidelines.  We will be doing a class book in the classroom, but budding authors are welcome to do individual books on their own.  Books will be due on March 4.

Here is a look at what we are working on this week:

English Language Arts:

  • read  Make a Monster,  Icky’s Play, The Spingle Spangle Talent Show 
  • sight words:  would     could     some     one     new     were
  • long vowel words spelled with ue  (blue) and ie (tie)
  • contractions
  • narrative writing


  • moving forward and backward on a number line by increments of 1, 5 and 10
  • addition and subtraction with multiples of 10
  • compare pairs of 2 digit numbers
  • mentally find the number that is 10 more/less than a given 2 digit number
  • Rockhopper penguins facts: comparing height


  • Mary says YES to God
  • Zones of Regulation

Social Studies:

  • name & identify the United States
  • name & identify California


  • What does your shadow do  when you are not looking

Dates to Remember:

March 4-Young Author’s Faire books due (optional)

March 5-Burning of the Palms Prayer Service

March 6-Ash Wednesday, 8:30 all school mass (full uniform)

March 8-end of 2nd trimester!

March 14-Report cards home

March 15-No school for students

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