Fifth Grade Week of September 3, 2019

What we are working on this week:

Math (Bridges)-

  • Unit 1 Module 1
  • Unit 1 Module 2

We will be finishing Unit 1 Module 1. This module sets the tone for the year and establishes what a math community looks and sounds like. Students played The Product Game, and discussed game strategies. They also recorded mathematical observations, and sorted their observations by math topic. Students  took the Unit 1 Pre-Assessment, and filled out individual mathographies (a questionnaire about their relationship with math), as well as a self reflection sheet. Students learned about a business owner who needs to decide how he will box 24 baseballs to ship to customers, and worked in partners to find all of the possible solutions. Students have been introduced to the first problem string of the year, and will continue to work on the baseball boxing problem, create posters to show their work, and share their strategies with others in the class.

In Unit 1 Module 2 this week, students will take the Numerical Expressions Checkpoint, and work on a problem string that is designed to bring out the doubling and halving strategy. They will also take a gallery walk and examine and comment on each other’s work on the Boxing Baseballs problem, as well as participate in the first math forum of the year.

ELA (Journeys)-

  • Unit 1 Lesson 1

Students will read and comprehend informational texts (RI.5.10), and read on-level text with purpose and understanding (RF.5.4a). In Reader’s Theater, we read an interview between a scientist and students called, “Questioning Gravity”, which we compared to a humorous fiction story we read called, “A Package for Mrs. Jewls”. We will have a spelling test using vocabulary from these readings and homework. Students will also practice writing short stories, and begin writing a narrative draft. As a class, we will revise a student model, then have students revise their short stories. We will also discuss and learn more about how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences how events are described. Lastly, students will work in groups to explore the concept of gravity, and create their own lessons to present to the class.

Science (Mystery Science)-

Students will develop their thinking about the predator/prey relationships between living things


Key Concept: God revealed himself most fully in Jesus Christ

Faith Vocabulary: Faith; Divine Revelation

Students will also take an online quiz for chapter 1, then work in small groups for “Designing a Wonders of Creation CD Cover”

Social Studies-

Students completed a KWL chart (Know, Want to Know, Learned) for “The Land and People Before Columbus”. This week we will explore the difference between relative and absolute locations, and work to label, define, and identify geography of the U.S.


Important Dates:

Sept. 4th: All school Mass- Full uniform

Sept. 6th: Picture Day!

Sept. 10th: Dine and Donate (Tomatina)

Sept. 20th: Diocesan Staff Day- No School/Share n Care

Sept. 21st: Fun Fair

Sept. 22nd: Pancake Breakfast

Sept. 23rd: Free dress- September birthdays

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