Third Grade Weekly Update

Here is a look at what were working on this week:

Language Arts: Focus Text: “What Does an Illustrator Do?”

Essential Question: How do pictures help to tell a story?

Target Vocabulary: imagine, tools, illustrate, scribbles, sketches, tracing, research, textures

Vocabulary/Grammar: Synonyms and Verb tenses

CCSS: RL.1-Ask/answer questions referring explicitly to text as basis for answers. RL.10- Read/comprehend grade level literature, independently and proficiently. RI.9- Compare and contrast important points in two texts on the same topic.

Math:  We will continue doing math centers this week which will focus on repeated addition, multiplication and geometric properties. Our centers will also allow for differentiation amongst math levels.

CCSS:M.OA.3- Use multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems. M.OA.5- Apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide. M.G.1-Use attributes to identify shapes and classify shapes into categories

Literature (AR- Accelerated Reader):Students have taken the STAR reading test and have been assigned new AR levels.  They continue to be avid readers in the classroom.

Religion: “Celebrating God’s Love”

Goal: Learn that the Sacraments are signs of God’s love for us

Social Studies:  “Development of the Community: Change Over Time”

Focus Tribes: Miwok, Hupa, Chumash

Science: Animals Through Time

Article: “Scientists identify fossil of only known duck-like Raptor”

Activity: Quiz

Homework: A packet was sent home with words for sentences and comprehension of our ELA focus text (What Do Illustrators Do?). I also included a sheet of multiplication practice, students are to complete 2 boxes per night. 

Other: Our school Book Fair will be taking place all this week and will be open from 2-6.

Dates to Remember:

December 2ndBreakfast with Santa
December 3rd
Adopt a Family begins
December 5th
Advent Prayer service in the Hall
December 8th
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 12th
Advent Prayer service in the Hall
December 14th
Adopt a Family gifts due
December 17th
Free dress for December birthdays
December 19th
Advent Prayer service in the Hall
December 20th
Christmas Concert
December 21st
Noon dismissal, share and care unavailable

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