Third Grade Weekly Update

Here is a look at what were working on this week:

-Language Arts:

Focus Text: Pop Bridge

Essential Question: Why is everyone’s role on a project important?

CCSS: RL.3.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers. RL.3.3 Describe characters in a story (e.g., their traits, motivations, or feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events. RF.3.4 Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. SL.3.3 Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering appropriate elaboration and detail.


Unit:2- Introduction to Multiplication

Module:3- Ratio Tables & The Multiplication Table

Focus: Module 3 builds on skills and concepts developed during the first two modules and focuses on new ways of seeing multiplication.

CCSS: 3.OA.A.1 Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a total number of objects can be expressed as 5 × 7. 


Unit: We Believe, Part 2

Ch:7- The Church

Focus: To learn about the work of the Church in the world

Religion Standard: PS3.REL.3: Articulate grade appropriate church doctrine, history and moral issues.

-Social Studies:

Unit: American Indians of the Local Region

Unit Focus: Students will study how local California Indians lived and used the resources of the region.

Essential Question: Who were the first people in our state?

Activity: In a Response Group, students watch videos of the environment in which three California groups live. They then predict how each group used natural resources.

CCSS: 3.SS.1- Describe the American Indians who lived locally, the resources they used, and how they modified the natural environment.


STEAM Docent Activity: Build a Top

Focus: Students will build a top out of various materials. The top must spin for at least 10 seconds.

CCSS: 3PS2.1 Plan and conduct an investigatrion to provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object. 3PS2.2 Make observations and/or measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.


**Assigned Tuesday, due Wednesday: Home Connection P. 31-32 (More Window Practice)

**Assigned Wednesday, due Thursday: Home Connection P. 33-34 (Mixed Practice)

**Assigned Thursday, due Friday: Home Connection. P. 35-36 (Grocery Shopping)

ELA= 2 items will be assigned this week and are as follows:

  1. We will be taking a pre-test for the spelling words on Monday. Students are expected to re-write the words that were spelled incorrectly 3 times each.
  2. A sentence written for each target vocabulary word OR used in a short story.

Spelling Words (16): load, open, told, yellow, soak, shadow, foam, follow, glow, sold, window, coach, almost, throat, tomorrow, sailboats

Target Vocabulary (8): crew, tide, cling, balancing, foggy, disappears, stretch, excitement

Dates To Remember:

  • Oct. 8th-11th: Parent/teacher/student conferences- NOON DISMISSALS
  • Oct. 14th: Columbus Day- No School
  • Oct. 18th: Picture retake day
  • Oct. 21st: Free Dress October birthdays
  • Oct. 31st: Halloween Parade (8am)- NOON DISMISSAL

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