7th Literature Assignment: Extension Assignment due February 20, 2020 at 07:59AM

Title: Assignment: Extension Assignment

Description: Ideas for Literature Extension Activities
Please choose one of the following extension activities. You need to plan this with your literature groups. You will be presenting your final project on Thursday, 2/20.

Design a board game to fit with the events of the story. Use a poster board. Your classmates must be able to play this game.

Rewrite your novel as a picture book/ comic. 15 pages max with colorful illustrations. Keep it G rated, but it must follow the plot. You will be reading this to your buddy class.

Write a commercial for your book including a jingle and scenes from your book. Present it to the class via iMovie. 1:30

In the spirit of movie trailers, book trailers allow you to create video advertisements to entice new readers. Not only does this project ensure that you have a firm grasp on the story’s plot, setting, theme and main characters, it also provides an opportunity to address persuasive writing as well as digital literacy concepts like copyright and publishing. 1:30

Leveraging the recording capabilities of most computers and mobile devices, students could explore the role of tone and sound by creating podcasts in the fashion of old-school radio shows. Using Garageband or any other sound recorder, you can retell portions of stories, complete with background music and sound effects, to demonstrate their understanding of tone, setting and theme, as well as practice your reading fluency. 2:00

Due: February 20, 2020 at 08:00AM