Second Grade Update

Dear Second Grade Families, 

I hope you are all safe and well. ūüôā¬†

There were so many highlights this past week! First and foremost, congratulations to those second graders who took the next step in their faith journey this Saturday with First Reconciliation! While we couldn’t all be together in the church as we usually would, I was thinking about your child and holding them in prayer all day. As they make their way toward celebrating First Communion, I hope this was a very special day for them.

Another highlight of last week was learning about your children’s favorite moments! Here is the link to the padlet in case you’d enjoy checking them out, too!¬†Favorite Moments

Finally, it was also fun to see many of you at the auction on Friday evening! What a blast! Bidding is still open (until 9pm tonight). If you want to take a look, here is the link!¬†¬†I’d love to have your child join me for some read-aloudsthis summer! ūüôā

Below is our weekly update:

Focus Areas for Our Learning:

  • Reading –¬†We start our new¬†SUPER magazine this week. Students will switch teachers and continue to¬†practice fluent reading (accuracy, pace, and expression) while also revisiting the skills of reading nonfiction text.
  • Grammar/Spelling –¬†In Superkids, students¬†will¬†practice different spellings of the long a sound. They will also get some additional practice with contractions.
  • Writing –¬†Students will begin learning cursive! We will also focus on the skills of paragraph writing as well as editing.
  • Math¬†–The class continues identifying the attributes of three-dimensional shapes. Students also extend their knowledge of money to story problems.
  • Religion¬†–¬†Students will learn about the different parts of the Mass.
  • Science¬†– Students will review concepts from our unit on material properties.
  • Social Studies¬†–¬†The¬†class will practice using skills to read and use different types of maps. We will continue celebrating Women’s History month with read-alouds and discussion.

Updates for this Week:

  • Service Learning –¬†Second grade is planning a drive to support the Alameda Food Bank that will run from March 15th-31st. This is part of our service learning for the year and builds on our understanding of food insecurity and why organizations who serve those in need are extremely important in our communities. We also connect to our Catholic faith – we are called to help our neighbors. To share our initiative with the SPN community, we will create a short video (or two!) that will be included in the upcoming SLC Wednesdays!
  • Book Club materials –¬†Most students turned in their book club texts and packets. I am missing a few – please have your child bring these on Monday if they did not already turn them in. ūüôā
  • Dates to remember:
    • March 10th:¬†Wacky Hair Day! (spirit day)
    • March 12th:¬†End of the 2nd Trimester, Noon Dismissal
    • March 15th:¬†No School – Teacher Development Day
    • March 17th:¬†Green and white free dress – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Key Documents/Links (master file attached for printing):

  • Schedule –
    • Reading Groups – Students will switch teachers this week, but their time will remain the same. 
    • Friday – Please remember this is a distance learning day. Students will have morning Zoom, a short break, then science and reading groups.
  • Weekly Assignment Matrix – Students should continue to check off their at-home assignments to ensure they are on track. 
  • Become a Writing Superstar worksheet – Please print this for your child. This week, it is due in class on Thursday because Friday is a distance learning day.

We look forward to seeing your children on Monday and hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

All the best,

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