Preschool Weekly Update – week of 11/13

Lord, have mercy. Bring peace to our hearts, the hearts of all veterans and to the regions in which they fought. Grant, we pray, the creative vision to see a world that, weary with fighting, affirms the life of every human being and so moves beyond war.

Hello Parents,

The preschoolers had a great time exploring the rainforest this week. We have some wonderful, aboriginal art work, colorful parrots and lily pads decorating our classroom. Our praying mantis hats were a hit today. This coming week we will take a look at the canopy layer of the rainforest.

The Scholastic Book Fair starts November 13th in O’Brian Hall. In today’s family envelope there is a packet with book information and a ticket for your child to enter a drawing!

Thank you to all who donated to our Veterans Sock drive!

Have a restful weekend.

Blessings, Ms. Grace and Miss Rosie


School hours 8:00am – 6:00pm

Potty Training Policy

Preschool Handbook 2023-2024

Health, Safety and Well Being

Sick Child Guidelines

Extreme Heat Precaution


  • Nov. 9th – End of First Trimester
  • Nov. 10th– Veteran’s Day- No School- No Share & Care
  • Nov. 13th – Scholastic Book Fair
  • Nov. 14th – Free Dress for November B-Days
  • Nov 15th – Noon Dismissal- PD for Teachers- Regular Preschool Hours
  • Nov. 16th – Catholic Principal Appreciation Day
  • Nov. 17th – Report Card Day
  • Nov. 20th-24th– Thanksgiving Break – No School- No Share & Care
  • Nov. 30th – Spirit Day- Pajama Day- Free Dress rules apply

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