Kindergarten Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

We are winding down to our last few weeks in Kindergarten! It’s hard to believe!  As the class has progressed through the school year, we reflected on how much the children have accomplished this year. They learned the letter-sound correspondence for each letter of the alphabet and can decode hundreds of words. Their knowledge of the world, comprehension, and vocabulary skills have grown tremendously through the texts that you’ve read to them and those that they can now read themselves. With this solid foundation, your “super kids”  are well on their way to being successful readers and writers.The Kindergartners have grown so much and we are confident that they will be successful in First Grade.

Here is the latest news on our events:

Our End of Year Party will take place at Fairyland on Wednesday, June 5th. You will receive a permission slip next week for the field trip; Please sign and return ASAP so we can assign our drivers and chaperones. Don’t forget to include the fees for the event. Parents will need to provide car seats and we would prefer drivers who have larger cars.Times for the field trip will be announced on the field trip form.

Our Musical Production of “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers” will take place on Tuesday June 4th at 9:30AM.. We have most of the props and minor costumes needed for the play. We will notify you if anything further is needed. We will be assigning parts this week and sending home the words for the song your child will need to know.

The Guesstimation Jar goes to Jacob.

What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/ Language Arts/ Superkids/Writing- We have finished our last unit of Superkids! We will finish our STAR testing and continue to assess students for rhyming, writing a sentence, ending sounds, middle sounds, long and short vowel sounds, decoding.  End of the year writing project.

Math.-We have finished up our Bridges Math unit and the students are now working in their groups at Math Work Places daily. During Work Places, students play “games” to become proficient at the skills needed for Math.These are the final Work Places for Math. this year- “Circle and Squares Race you to Twenty,”” Geoboard Shapes,” “Shapes and Spinners Graphing,” “ Pattern Block Designs,” “Spin and Count Shapes,”  and “Hungry Caterpillars” Ask your child about these Work Places and which they liked the best!

Science- Finish Bowling Investigation

Social Studies- Community Helpers

Religion–“We Belong to the Catholic Church”

Looking Ahead

Monday, May 20th- Free Dress for May birthdays

Friday, May 24th- Noon Dismissal

Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day Holiday- No School

Tuesday, May 28th-Ribbon Ceremony- 10:45AM Church

Friday, May 31st- Baccalaureate Mass- 10:00AM

Tuesday, June 4th- Musical Production of Friendly Neighborhood Helpers- 9:30am

Wednesday, June 5th– End of Year Party at Fairyland- Leave at 10:00

Friday, June 7th- Last Day of School – 10:30am NO SHARE AND CARE!


Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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