Kindergarten Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

The students have begun the Lenten season with our Ash Wednesday Mass this past week. Throughout the next 40 days we will be incorporating various symbols and read Bible stories that emphasize how to live as friends of Jesus and to grow as a child of God.As a family, you may want to discuss how acts of kindness and friendship can be shown while they are here at school.We are continuing  to use of the Zones of Regulation, adding new tools to help students calm down and stay focused. The use of music, breathing techniques, “singing bowl” and meditation have also been added to our classroom.

This past week the students worked on their class book for the Young Author’s Faire. The students brainstormed ideas about what they would do if they “ruled the world.” Then they illustrated their ideas. We will complete it and submit our book this next week and the judging will be on Friday, March 22nd. We will send you the details of the Faire as we get the results of the judging!

The Super Kid this Week is Roisin.

Rosie will go home with Jacob.

The Guesstimation Jar goes to Leila.

What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/Language Arts/ Writing-make connections with the Superkids lessons and finish putting into writing ideas about ruling the world,write complete sentences with a first draft and then a final draft, illustrate sentences, write interrogative sentences ( questions), write to ask others questions about themselves, write the answers to those questions, write a note to someone, write a reply to a note.

Math.-  compare the length of two objects, recognize coins- pennies and nickels by name and their worth, count five and some more, represent addition with objects, look and make use of structure, look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

Science– Force and Motion Unit- Examples of PUSH

Social Studies- Amelia Earhart, Dr, Seuss

Religion- Lent- My Family is a Sign of God’s Love

Looking Ahead

Thursday, March 14th- Report Cards go home- Please sign and return the report card envelope. Keep report.

Friday, March 15th– No School-Staff Development

Sunday, March 17th– Family Mass by 7th and 8th grade

Monday, March 18th– Free Dress- March Birthdays

Friday, March 22nd- Free Dress- Crab Feed

Hope these weekly updates are helpful to you all.

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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