Kindergarten Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

The season of Advent is upon us and the students are getting excited for Christmas. We would like to call to your attention a few reminders for students.

  1. Due to the approaching winter weather, it is often cold and/or rainy. Because we walk over to our specialty classes at the Big School daily ,students are encouraged to wear a coat to school. Please be sure your child’s sweater, sweatshirt and jacket are marked with their names.
  2. In their excitement, students often have a more difficult time remembering the rules at this time of the year. We have noticed more physical contact such as “play wrestling” and “rough housing” and we are concerned because safety is our number one priority. Please encourage your child to remember the rules at school.
  3. Our Christmas concert takes place on Thursday, December 20th at 7PM in the church. All students must be present. Students should wear their ”sunday best” clothes- no tennis shoes, no jeans, no hats please. Students should be dropped off at the Kindergarten room at 6:30PM.

One reminder for parents- please do not double park when picking up your child after school. Per our school rules, we are not permitted to release students into a double parked car. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Our fabulous room mothers ( Mrs. Brunetti and Mrs. Goldin)  will be coordinating a Christmas Party for the students on the last day of school before vacation. We would like to conduct it in the same manner as our Halloween Party. Students will begin with a Christmas craft in the classroom, then have food treats outside on the patio,  listen to a story and then Student Council will have a Broadcast. Room moms will be contacting parents to help on that day. Parents may stay until after recess time. Students are dismissed at 12 noon on December 21st. Thanks so much.

Our Super Kid this week is Diana.

Rosie will go home with Elle.

What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/ Language Arts, Superkids- Identify Uppercase and lowercase U, recognize exclamation marks, understand position words,follow oral directions, encode,identify vowels and consonants, identify medial u, blend to decode words

Math.--Count to 20 by 1’s,represent addition with objects, use ten frames to explore how to represent quantity in a variety of ways,build an understanding of doubles through ten frames in a pair -wise orientation, count by 2’s to 20, identify the number of objects as the last number said when counting a group of objects, count collections of objects in different ways to demonstrate that the arrangement of objects and the order in which they are counted do not change the total number of objects.

Science- Review Five Senses.

Social Studies- Christmas Activities

Religion- Advent and Christmas

Looking Ahead

Monday, December 10th-Christmas Craft

Wednesday, December 12th- Advent Prayer Service in the Hall

Friday, December 14th- Adopt a Family gifts due

Monday, December 17th- Free Dress for December birthdays

Wednesday, December 19th- Advent Prayer Service in the Hall

Thursday, December 20th- Christmas Concert in the Church- 7PM

All students are required to attend.

Friday, December 21st- Christmas Party- Last day of school before vacation- Dismissal at 12 Noon- NO SHARE AND CARE AVAILABLE

Thanking you as always for all you do.

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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