Kindergarten Website Update

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and welcome back! There is a lot happening this month as we prepare for Catholic Schools Week which occurs at the end of January. It is a special time for Catholic Schools where we celebrate our students, community, cultures, academics,  faculty and staff. Details and more information for this special week will be provided on the St. Philip Neri website.

We will begin our year by adding a “Guesstimation Jar” to our curriculum. One student  per week will take home a large jar which they will fill with “like” items. They will return it to school and the students will “guesstimate” how many items are in the jar! No prizes will be given but it will be fun to see how close the students can guess. We will begin next week.

Our Super Kid this week is Marco.

Rosie will go home with Sybil.

What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/ Language Arts/ Superkids- begin to read simple stories, identify Rr, associate pictures whose names begin with r, listen for details in a song, blend sounds to decode, follow oral directions, learn the mechanics for writing a declarative sentence, read memory word “of”

Math.-count up to 20 objects arranged in a line, represent addition with fingers, decompose numbers less than or equal to ten into pairs in more than one way for any number from 1-9, find the number that makes 10 when added to that number, count backward from any number in the range of 10-1, represent subtraction with objects, solve subtraction story problems

Science-– Continue with Five Senses

Social Studies- Study about Martin Luther King Jr.

Religion- Bible story ”Jesus Blesses the Children”

Looking Ahead

Monday, January 14th- Free Dress for January birthdays

Thursday, January 17th- Pajama Day- Yes, students may wear their pajamas to school!

Friday, January 18th- No School – Teacher Inservice Day

Monday, January 21st- No School Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Sunday, January 27th- Friday , February 1st- Catholic Schools Week

     Sunday January 27th -Catholic School Week Mass- 9:00 AM, Open House

     Monday, January 28th- Celebrate Community, Vocations

     Tuesday, January 29th-Celebrate the Nation- Multi-Cultural Day- More info to follow                

     Wednesday, January 30th- Celebrate Students- Free Dress- All school Assembly

     Thursday, January 31st- Celebrate Academic Excellence-Oratorical Fest-1:00 PM

      Friday, February 1st- Celebrate Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Wishing  a blessed new year for all and again thanking you for your generosity during the holiday season.

Sincerely, Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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