Kindergarten Website Update

Dear Parents,

We want to remind you of our special Catholic Schools Week celebration all next week!

Here are the highlights:

Sunday, January 27th- 9:00 AM Mass and Open House in the classrooms- Please come to see your child’s work in the Kindergarten Room!

Monday,January 28th- Celebrating Community/Vocations-  Students will have a special assembly geared especially for their level!

Tuesday, January 29th- Celebrating the Nation-Multi-Cultural day -Students may dress in the traditional clothing of their culture or wear the colors of the flag from their culture.

Wednesday- January 30th- Celebrating Students- Student appreciation- Free Dress- All School Assembly – Taiko Drumming- Hot Chocolate Party for Kindergarten!

Thursday, January 31st- Celebrating Academic Excellence- Oratorical Fest-1:00PM in church

Friday, February 1st– Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers- Minimum Day- 12:00 Dismissal

We are asking the students to use appropriate colors for coloring on their work and not use their pencils to color.  We would like them to use pencil for writing only, please. Please encourage this on homework as well. They can use any colors they want when they are doing “free drawing.”

Thank you to parents for their assistance in preparing  their children and to the students for learning their speeches and poems for the Oratorical Fest! The following four students will represent Kindergarten at the Oratorical Fest on Thursday:

Helen Clausnitzer will recite “Clouds” by Christina Rossetti

Romeo Ang will recite “ The Dinosaur Dinner” by Dennis Lee

Leila Long will recite “ Early Bird” by Shel Silverstein

Victor Kemp will recite “ I Have a Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Congratulations to all the students for their effort!

Super Kid this week is Ivy.

Rosie will go home with Helen.

The Guesstimation Jar goes to Carl.

    What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/Language Arts/ Superkids Curriculum- identify Nn, associate picture names with n, draw conclusions from pictures, listen for details in a song, memory word”no”, form question marks,  parts of a sentence, mechanics of writing a sentence, blend sounds to decode words- The students will now spend two weeks on each of their SuperKids Lessons; thus their SuperKid workbook will go home every other week!

Math.- counting up and back to 20,  discuss meaning of plus and equal sign, generate and practice generating equations, build and add numbers using Unifix cubes, search for

combinations of 10

Science- The Five Senses- Evaluation

Social Studies- Zones of Regulation/ Statue of Liberty

Looking Ahead

Sunday, January  27th- Friday, February 1st- Catholic Schools week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, February 4th, 5th and,6th- Mrs. Foster will be testing new students for our Kindergarten Program next school year. Ms. Brooke Turner, our Vice Principal, will be subbing in Kindergarten. Mrs. Foster will be in Kindergarten on Thursday, February 7th and 8th. Mrs. Halkias will be in Kindergarten the following week- February 11th-15th.

Wednesday, February 6th– All School Mass

Thursday, February 14th– Valentine’s Day ( more info to follow)

Monday, February 18th– Presidents’ Holiday- No School

Looking forward to sharing our classroom and some of your children’s work at our Open House with you!

Sincerely, Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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