Kindergarten Website Update

Dear Parents,

On Thursday you should have received information about a Multi-Cultural Project in connection with our Catholic Schools Week celebration. We would like each student to be able to share a little bit about their family’s heritage. Please assist your child in completing this project but allow them to do as much as they can on their own, This project is due back to school by January 25th so we can display them during our special week! Questions? Feel free to email us.

Don’t forget about the Oratorical Fest which takes place on Thursday, January 31st for the entire student body. If you are able to attend, it is quite impressive. Kindergartners will recite their speeches in class for their classmates and Mrs. Foster and I will be selecting four students to participate in the all school Oratorical Fest. Please practice with your child so that they can feel confident in speaking in front of their class.

The students have been learning more about the Zones of Regulation. The Zones of Regulation program is a framework to teach self-regulation.They have been introduced to the different zones and are learning how they can use the zones to describe how they feel. We use books which describe different feelings that they might have in each zone and the students have been sharing emotions that they feel. We have discussed that students may feel different emotions at different times and that this is expected and part of being who they are. The zones are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Ask your child  to explain what they’ve learned so far!

Our Super Kid is Sybil.

Rosie will go home with Noah.

The Guesstimation Jar will begin next week!

What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/Language Arts/ Superkids Curriculum- identify Nn, associate picture names with n, draw conclusions from pictures, listen for details in a song, memory word”no”, form question marks,  parts of a sentence, mechanics of writing a sentence, blend sounds to decode words

Math.- counting up and back to 20,  discuss meaning of plus and equal sign, generate and practice generating equations, build and add numbers using Unifix cubes, search for

combinations of 10

Science- The Five Senses

Social Studies- Zones of Regulation

Religion- Jesus Welcomes the Children

Looking Ahead

Sunday, January 27th- Friday , February 1st- Catholic Schools Week

     Sunday January 27th -Catholic School Week Mass- 9:00 AM, Open House

     Monday, January 28th- Celebrate Community, Vocations

     Tuesday, January 29th-Celebrate the Nation- Multi-Cultural Day              

     Wednesday, January 30th- Celebrate Students- Free Dress- All school Assembly

     Thursday, January 31st- Celebrate Academic Excellence-Oratorical Fest-1:00 PM

 January 31st- January Homework due

      Friday, February 1st- Celebrate Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Thanks for all you do.

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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