Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents,             November 5, 2021

St. Philip Neri will hold their annual Book Fair Sunday ,November 14th- November 19th. It will be held in the St. Philip Neri O’Brien Hall every day from 2:30-6:30PM. We encourage parents to take your children to the Book Fair. Please make sure to visit the book fair and support SPN!  

There will be no Book Order for November or December due to the book fair so get some holiday shopping done in advance!  ***In regards to our October Book Order:  unfortunately, Scholastic is experiencing delays with shipments.  We hope to have them to you before Thanksgiving.

Your assistance is needed in connection with two areas: eating lunch at school and outdoor behavior. Often students are not cleaning up after themselves; there is garbage left on the floor and students are not following our student learning expectations by being respectful and following procedures. We ask that you talk with your child about polite manners for eating. In addition, if you are ordering Choice Lunch for your child, please have your child pick the foods they like. There is a lot of waste when children have a lunch that they don’t like or won’t eat. 

Please continue the conversation with your child that they are not to touch (hugs, pushing, pinching etc.) classmates.  There is a lot of loud and rough play that we are trying to control.  The construction for the new play structure is scheduled to start Monday the 8th!  

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we would ask that you please advise us and the office if your child will be missing any days of school due to travel.  Unfortunately, zoom check-ins are only for quarantining students.  

                                   What’s Happening in the Classroom?

ELA/ SuperKids/ Writing- Finish Star Testing, Introduce Unit 10- Tic, Tac and Toc, Identify Tt, identify initial sound of T, encode letters for initial sounds, identify initial and final t,draw conclusions, encode words, understand that the same word is always spelled with the same letters, identify initial, medial and final sounds, recognize uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence, track print from left to right, use prior knowledge, answer questions, follow oral directions, determine important ideas,speak with appropriate stress,observe punctuation.

Math.- Interactive Notebook-   Count objects to 20, Compare to 5, Sort groups with Less

                                                   Bridges Workspace Games- “ Beat You to Five”

                                                  “Which Numeral Will Win?”

Social Studies- Veteran’s Day

Science- What Do I Need to Survive?

                Living Things

Religion-Zones of Regulation


               My family is a Sign of God’s Love

               Jesus Teaches Us to Pray

                                                 Looking Ahead

Wednesday, November 10th- Minimum Day- Noon Dismissal

Thursday, November 11th- Veterans Day Holiday- No School

Monday, November 15th– November “Thankfulness Boards” Due 

       ( Students will share in class week of November 15th-19th)

Friday, November 19th– First Trimester Report Cards Distributed

Monday, November 22nd- Friday, November 27th- Thanksgiving Vacation- No School

Thanks for your support. 

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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