Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, April 23,2021

Our first week of  students being together full time in class went very well! Thanks to students   for following the new procedures in class and to parents for adjusting to the new requirements for your children’s learning. It is vitally important that your child complete the asynchronous work as detailed in the weekly lesson plans. Kindergarten Benchmarks cannot be met without the completion of  skills covered in the asynchronous work.We have added in an incentive for students to complete and turn in asynchronous work rewarding them with a sticker for completion and a special reward after earning 10 stickers on their Reward Chart. 

If your child still has their Religion book ( we collected some last week) please have your child bring it to class on Monday. We will keep them here at school now.

Students began a discussion about the Student Learning Expectations this week with a brainstorming session and discussion of what it means to be “respectful.” This next week students will begin a journal about the Student Learning Expectations and will write how they will show respect. Four students received the first of our SLE awards this week for being responsible, respectful,reverent and life-long learners.

The month of May finds us busy with several different activities and celebrations.  

Our Fun Run Race will take place on Tuesday, May 11th. Be sure to look for the details in the personalized link you received week.  If you did not receive one, please contact the main office.  The students will have a video in class each day beginning on Tuesday, April 27th to encourage participation. 

Our May Crowning will take place on Wednesday, May 5thThis will be an All School Mass that we stream.  Third Grade and Kindergarten will prepare in limited capacity due to Covid restrictions.  We will have a special Mother’s Day blessing honoring our mothers ( more info to follow.) 

We look forward to learning about the Great Artists of the world in connection with our EIEIO book. Senora Romero has agreed to partner with us in teaching the Art lessons for these artists to our students. We will also invite the author to come and be interviewed on a Zoom class for our students at the end of our unit!

Grace is our SuperKid this week!

What’s Happening in Class?

ELA/ Language Arts/ Writing-  Unit 18- SuperKids Club- associate picture names with p, form capital and lower case Pp, use correct spacing and punctuation, listen for details in a song, blend sounds to decode, associate pictures with words, identify title of a story, read memory words, answer questions, determine important ideas, recall details, follow oral directions, understand adjectives

Math. Bridges Unit 3 Module 4- Count forward from a given number rather than starting at 1, count backward from any number in the range of 10, order sets of objects,identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than or equal to the number of objects in another group, decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way, search for combinations of ten frame cards that equal 5

Social Studies/Art–  Inventors and Claude Monet 

Science- Mystery Science Mini-Lesson

Religion– Continue practicing Student Learning Expectations,

 Construct SLE Journal and complete Respect page in Journal

“Zacchaeus Listens to Jesus” pg. 77-79

 Visit church with Father Joel 

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, April 27th- Fun Run Kick Off

Friday, April 30th- Spirit Day- “Your future self”

Wednesday, May 5th- May Crowning

Tuesday, May 11th- Fun Run Race

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