Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, January 8, 2021

What Will be Happening in Class?

 Happy New Year to all.

In the New Year we will be initiating some changes in the curriculum.

In Language Arts, the students will begin to communicate their ideas in writing. As you know, at the beginning of the year, the students communicated ideas through drawing and speaking. As the year progresses, they are encouraged to write letters and words that they know. The goal is for children to recognize that we can write what we speak and speak what we write. Children will be writing a variety of texts for different purposes, including narratives, opinions, and informative/explanatory texts.Your child should be writing their names with upper and lower case letters now. They should also practice writing their last names. Please review lower case letters with your children.

For January Homework, students  are asked to complete a booklet entitled “ The Story About Me and My Family.”   Booklet and directions will go home on Monday, January 11th and will be due on Thursday, January 28th. We hope that you will enjoy completing this special project with your child and we look forward to hearing about you and your family!

In the Superkids Curriculum, the students will be taking on more challenging work; they will learn the sounds for the remaining 13 letters of the alphabet, decode and encode many more words and begin to read stories.Most children will demonstrate steady improvement and growing confidence in their decoding and fluency skills, while others may need more encouragement and support. We will continue our assessment of skills which will help us to identify grouping, pacing and instructional levels of all students.We will group students according to skills in order to challenge those who are ready for more advanced work and to assist those who may need more practice with skills.

In Math, our Bridges Curriculum ( Unit 4) , the students will begin by building a number line to model the number sequence from 0-10. They will continue to practice counting forward and backward between 0 and 50, starting with any number in the range. They will also solve addition and subtraction problems, compute with pennies and nickels, and begin measuring length using non-standard units. The number line and measurement activities provide many opportunities for the students to consider relationships between numbers and quantities, including making comparisons which are greater and which are less.

Our Science Curriculum will continue with the study of Weather and Weather Patterns .We will then move on to a unit about Force and Motion.

Social Studies will usually center around holiday activities.  ( We may have to have a Virtual Valentine Party this year!) Additionally, we will study about some famous Americans, American symbols, as well as maps and community helpers. During Black History month, the students  will learn about one historical Afican American each week. We will also continue to discuss “Feelings” as a regular part of our social and emotional growth in Kindergarten.

Our Religion Curriculum will continue with the Bible stories of the Old Testament. We will prepare for the season of Lent and continue to celebrate Holy Days and Holidays.

Our Schoolwide Oratorical Fest will take place on Thursday, February 4th. Please read the specifications in the email sent for the Kindergartners.  Mrs. Murray has asked each child in the school to memorize a poem, speech or Bible verse (Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein

poems/excerpts or prayers are some other examples). The minimum amount of lines for Kindergarten is 4. Each student will recite their selection to the class the week of the 18th. ( See date below.)  Please help your child select their piece and start practicing. We will need a photocopy of the selection along with the author’s name. Please send it via email by Monday, Jan. 11th.Four students from each class will then be selected to recite their selection at the schoolwide Oratorical fest. If you have any questions or need help selecting  one, please email and we can make arrangements to help you.

Patrick is our SuperKid this week!

Looking Ahead

Friday, January 15th- No School- Staff Day ( Because we do not have school on this day, we will not send Friday Folders out until the following week.)

Monday, January 18th- No School Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Friday, January 22nd- Students recite their oratorical selections in class for their classmates.

Wednesday, January 27th – Spirit Day ( theme to be announced)

Thursday, January 28th–  January Homework due “ The Story About Me and My Family.” 

January 31st- Catholic Schools Week Mass- 9:00AM

February 1st-5th– Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Thanks for your support as always.

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