Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, September 18,2020

 We have begun our study in Language Arts with the introduction of the SuperKids Cass and now next week Oswald. With the introduction of these characters, the students learn phonemic awareness, comprehension, handwriting and encoding. We will specify which skills the students are learning in this weekly update on our Kindergarten website.

The Bridges Math Program is a comprehensive Math curriculum which fully implements the Common Core standards and focuses on developing students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills and ability to solve problems.We will begin our Bridges Math Program next month.  

 We have added Lexia into our weekly asynchronous learning this week.Along with SuperKids Online Fun, these programs include  extra activities if your child wants more! These can be accessed through Clever.

We will begin our study of Fall and Living and Non Living things for Science. Students will learn about Johnny Appleseed as well.

On Thursday and Friday ,October 1st and 2nd  we will have a special “Kindergarten Connection” where the students will be able to play Fall Bingo and do a movement activity in their cohorts. This will also be the day to drop off completed  September materials and pick up October’s new materials.We will only have a Morning Zoom at 9:15AM that day.  

We will have a Blessing of the animals on the Feast of St. Francis ,Monday, October 5th.

We will start with All School Mass, streamed just like the last one and will end with a special blessing of all animals…virtually!

We are continuing with our lessons on Listening and Feelings. We often use books and stories to introduce feelings that the students may be having and then continue with a discussion and sharing when time permits.

This year, per Mrs. Murray  we will not have regularly scheduled Parent -Teacher conferences with parents October 6th-9th. If your child is having difficulty or needs support, we are available to meet with you on those dates. The 6th through the 9th of October will still remain noon dismissal days.

 Please check Mrs. Murray’s newsletter for Fun Fair details!  Pick-up Pasta Dinner!  Raffle!  You can contact the parish office to purchase dinner tickets and raffle tickets.  510.373.5200 or 

Be sure to look at the ESGI Testing Schedule for our continuing assessments with your children next week. It was sent in an email.

Mr. Q. has sent two Music activities for the students to try  while he is out . The  information and link are located in the Long Distance Learning Schedule.

Hope the students enjoyed the ChalkWalk! Come see!  

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