Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents,

Our second week went well. Your students are adapting well to the routines of Kindergarten Distance Learning. The children have done well in their Zoom classroom remembering to stay muted until told to unmute. Please start to practice the Sign of the Cross with your child and they may now begin to learn the Pledge of Allegiance.  We will introduce this in our Morning Zoom. These are important so that they may become a part of our school community.

Students are learning the steps for Listening. One way to help your child is to talk with them and reinforce these steps- Look at the person speaking ( make eye contact.) Encourage them to listen without interrupting- mouth is quiet and ears are listening. During Distance Learning steps include raising hand to speak, hands resting in lap and following steps from the teacher. 

We will also be teaching our Schoolwide Learning Expectations this year as part of our Morning Zoom and Religion classes. These include students becoming Respectful Individuals, Responsible Problem Solvers, Reverent Catholic Christians and Life Long Learners. More information about this will be coming to you.

 This coming week students should now begin to complete their Daily Practice Sheets located in  plastic sheet protectors in their Distance Learning Folder; please do not remove the papers. This includes practicing writing their names, numbers and letters. Students should also complete their September Morning Work and save these to turn in later. They will complete one page each day. The Morning Work packet and Superkids workbooks (please do not start until instructed to do so) will be turned in on Oct. 1 or 2nd.  More information to come.

Here is our schedule for the coming week (our first week of full classes):

Monday, September 7-No school, Labor Day

Tuesday,September 8-Enrichment Day, follow your schedule like last week

Wednesday, September 9-Morning Zoom

  1.  Welcome and Greeting
  2.  Prayer
  3.  Agenda for the day will be discussed.

Activity for the Day:

As a family pick a family photo to share with the class.  We will use these on Thursday for an activity.

Seesaw Activity for the Day:

Go into Seesaw using Clever.  Find the activity scheduled for this week.  Build a Superhero!  Listen to the instructions.  Morning Zoom will give you an example of how to complete the introductory activity.

For the Thursday and Friday Zoom classes we will begin our Breakout Sessions for Language Arts and Math. 

Thursday, September 10-

Morning Zoom

  1. Welcome and Greeting
  2. Prayer
  3. Calendar
  4. Activity:  Sharing Family Photos in Zoom 
  5. Closing

Language Arts-Students will need the “My First Week in Kindergarten” Booklet (dated 9/10/20), crayons and a pencil.

Math-Students will need the “Months of the Year” Booklet (dated 9/10/20), crayons and a pencil

Friday, September 11

  1. Welcome and Greeting
  2. Prayer
  3. Calendar
  4. Activity: Continue Family Sharing in Zoom 
  5. Closing

Language Arts

Students will need the “My First Week in Kindergarten” Booklet (dated 9/10/20), crayons and a pencil.


Students will need the “Months of the Year” Booklet (dated 9/10/20), crayons and a pencil

Action Items for Parents:

1.  Not all students have logged onto Clever with their Badge.  Please make sure that you test this out with your child as it will be their homebase.  We have added all Zoom Links for our K Zoom as well as all Enrichment Teachers.  We will start introducing applications that students will utilize and this is the main portal for them to access them.

2.  By now you should have received a “Superkids Online Fun” email for your child.  This provides access outside of Clever for this application.  This supports our English Language Arts Curriculum and is vital to your child’s learning.  We will individually email passwords to parents so that you can access your account.  Additionally, we recommend downloading the app for easy access.

Update from Mrs. Foster:  I got the word from my doctor yesterday that I will be induced on Wednesday the 9th.  Starting Tuesday I will be on Maternity Leave!  I look forward to seeing all of you soon!  Please remember to email Mrs. Halkias for questions on M-W and Mrs. Frankel for Th-F.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Stay safe!

Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Halkias and Mrs. Frankel

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