Kindergarten Update

Dear Parents, May 1,2020

As we begin the month of May, we are missing being with our students more and more! For this month, there will be some fun virtual activities added and even some surprise school-wide  events where we are hoping to maintain social distancing but which will allow us to connect with our students!

Here are some changes to our Zoom classroom teaching:

1.We have added an additional optional Zoom class Mondays through Thursdays from 11-11:15. Mrs. Foster will do a storytime on Mondays and a Math. lesson on Tuesdays. Mrs. Halkias will do a storytime on Wednesdays and a “Sharing” time on Thursdays.  For the Thursday “ Sharing” time, students may share anything they’d like- a picture, a special object, a special project, a special book, a collection, tell about a place they’ve been or are going to, something their family likes to do, recite a poem,etc. Almost anything can be shared on the “Sharing” day. Remember all of these classes are optional; please allow your child the flexibility to decide if they’d like to participate. Monitoring screen time is important for children as you already know.

2.Miss Kristen has agreed to be a guest speaker every other Friday at our regular Zoom time- 9:15. She will focus on Garden books and ideas.

This month’s Long Distance Learning includes a Long Term Project which will be due at the end of the month.We hope your child will have fun with their project and we look forward to students sharing their projects at the end of the month as they did with the books that they wrote in April.

Mrs. Murray has asked that we presently hold off on awarding SLE’s to students.

Our SuperKid for next week is Mia. Be ready to share on Tuesday.

The Guesstimation Jar goes to Mariela. Be ready to share on Friday.

What’s Going on in Long Distance Learning Class?

ELA/ SuperKids/ Writing-Unit 21- Superkids – identify uppercase and lowercase , K,k,Q,q, associate picture names with “k” and “q”, blend sounds to decode words, use correct spacing between words, identify types of sentences, follow oral directions, read memory word”like”, make predictions, identify the title of an Act in a play, understand idioms, identify rebuses, read with expression

Math.-Play the new workplace Game- Fill to Five

Social Science/Art- Continue with our study of some of the world’s major artists- Salvador Dali, Sandro Botticelli

Science- Long Term Force Investigations-(due May 29th- See Parent Portal)

Religion-  Saint Long Term Study- (due the week of May 25th -See Parent Portal) Honor Mary with a Flower Crown and a Marian Garden

Looking Ahead

Monday- May 4th- Students may change to a Virtual Background for their Zoom class today!

              Students may join optional Zoom classes at 11:15 Monday through Thursdays now.

Know that we have the best interest of your children in these turbulent times. Please let us know if your child is struggling; we care about your children’s social and emotional health as well as their education.

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Halkias

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