5th Grade Weekly Update

English Language Arts

Read for at least 30 minutes daily.

Monday: Study for “Quest for the Tree Kangaroo” weekly test on Friday, November 30th. 

Continue working on the news stories, if you did not finish in class. Use google-docs and remember to set the document in two or three columns.

Tuesday: Research other endangered species around the world. Choose one species and find out what scientists are doing to save it from extinction. Type a short report that includes the species name, the reason for the low population, what scientists are doing to save it, and how you can help.

Continue reviewing for Friday test.

Some students may need to work on their Mystery Book Report, if they do not have the masthead, advertisement (we did these in class before break), two news stories (Monday), entertainment, and the classified ad (in-class today).

Wednesday: Study for the test.

In-class: We will continue working on the Newspaper Headline Book Report Project.

Thursday: Study for the test tomorrow. Finalize your book report project.

Social Studies:

Monday and Tuesday: Review for Wednesday test on Lesson 3: American Indian Cultural Region: Vocabulary terms

Religion: No homework

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 26th-30th: Scholastic Book Fair

Dec. 4th: Art Docent

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