4th Grade Weekly Overview

Week of April 8th through April 12th
I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and continues to experience a prayerful Lenten season. (We are in the last two weeks of the Lenten season.) Please continue to ask your student about their Lenten commitments and encourage them to actively use their CSR rice bowl. As a reminder, they will be reflecting on their CSR rice bowl participation as part of our service learning this year.

Students will be preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation, which will take place during the school day next Monday April 15th.  As part of the preparation, students will be asked to complete an age appropriate examination of conscience and discuss it with their parents. Please talk with your child about this important sacrament. Non Catholic students will request a blessing from the priest.

Thank you very much for your participation in our evacuation drill last Friday. It went VERY well.

Our 4th grade class service-learning project this year is focused on raising money to make a contribution to the Guide Dogs for the Blind “Puppies with a Purpose” campaign, with the proceeds going towards their new puppy center. The 4th graders have voted to sell “Lollipups” with encouraging messages to raise money for our service-learning project of raising money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Center. This ties in directly with Catholic Social teaching. Please talk to your 4th grader about our project. We will be accepting donations in addition to selling the lollipups. We will be taking orders for lollipups during school recesses this week Monday through Friday. We will prepare the lollipups for delivery to the classrooms on the April 18th, the last school day before Easter break.

If you have questions or would like to discuss anything about your student, please feel free to contact me to schedule a time to meet.  I greatly appreciate your continued partnership and support in helping your student to be successful.

Peace & blessings, 

Mr. Sahlman

English Language Arts
English language arts – please refer to Ms. Doliente for content
Writing – Opinion Writing – Which make better pets? Cats or Dogs

Larger number multiplication and division
Division with money
Multiplication & division strategies & modeling

People of Prayer
Catholic Social Teaching service learning project – Puppies with a Purpose Campaign

Social Studies
Please refer to Ms. Doliente

Energizing Everything, Mystery 1: Speed & Energy, Essential Question: How can a car run without gas?

Assessments & Major assignments due
Friday – Math – Science – Energizing Everything Mystery 1 assessment

Calendar items
April 8th – Vision testing (includes new 4th graders)
April 12th – Crab feed free dress
April 15th – April birthdays free dress; Reconciliation for students
April 16th – Mini Maker Fair
April 17th – Earth Day movie
April 18th – Holy Thursday, noon dismissal
April 19th – Good Friday, no school/no share and care
April 22nd – 26th Easter Break, no school/no share and care
April 30th – Fun Run Kickoff

Wednesday is always 2:10 dismissal unless noted
Full uniform on all mass days, including Tuesday daily mass (No shorts, sweatshirts required)
Library books are due every Monday

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