First Grade Weekly Update October 30th-November 3rd

Weekly Syllabus: October 30th-November 3rd, 2023


We will celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31st. The parade will begin at 8:15.

Students may wear their costumes, but are not allowed to bring weapons, wear masks (other than the ones required) and need to be dressed appropriately (when in doubt, please refer to the handbook for free dress guidelines).


We will continue with Unit 2 We Believe Part Two. In our first unit chapter, Chapter 5 Mary, the Mother of Jesus, students will explore how courage helps us live as disciples of Jesus, discover what the Bible tells us about Mary, discover that Mary had great trust in God, and learn that psalms are prayers in the Bible and pray a psalm together.

Language Arts

Unit 4 Lessons 1-5

Word Work: Identify final er sound, encode er words, recognize er and ed spelling patterns, introduce and spell Memory Words (look, your, the, was, are, and for), and understand and use passed tense verbs.

Spelling words: after, never, better, winter, summer, rested, twisted, planted, printed, and acted

Reading: Read and discuss grade level literary text, understand characters, text structure, and sequence, listen to and read complex informational text, understand Words to Know (project, interesting, and constructed)

Writing: Discuss narrative writing, select a topic for narrative writing, plan a personal narrative, write a story based on a plan, and edit


Focus for October Number Corner: Ten is the magic number for October, the tenth month of the year. Students compose and decompose the number 10, practice instantly seeing quantities on ten-frames, and learn about “leaps of ten” on the number line. The Calendar Grid features sets of fall pictures to inspire math stories and during the Calendar Collector workout, students collect and count patterns blocks and make a composite shape picture.

Bridges Unit 2 Module 2-This module maintains a focus on addition and subtraction strategies and emphasizes solving for an unknown. Students use and make double flap cards to discover the relationship between addition and subtraction, to further explore the commutative property, and to learn to solve for an unknown in any position. They generate equation fact families and story problems. The idea that the equal sign describes a relationship between two quantities that have the same value, rather than indicating “the answer,” is reinforced.

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