First Grade Weekly Update October 23rd-27th

Weekly Syllabus: October 23rd-27th, 2023


All are invited to our special session called Setting Up Students for Success in School on October 26, 2023 6:30 pm-7:30 pm.


We will begin Unit 2 We Believe Part Two. In our first unit chapter, Chapter 5 Mary, the Mother of Jesus, students will explore how courage helps us live as disciples of Jesus, discover what the Bible tells us about Mary, discover that Mary had great trust in God, and learn that psalms are prayers in the Bible and pray a psalm together.

Language Arts

Unit 3 Lessons 6-10

Word Work: Identify final le sound, read decodable stories with ng and le, read and decode words from informational text, recognize and spell memory words (do, have, show, how, me, and a), understand and use antonyms, and rhyming words.

Spelling Words: bubble, little, candle, pickle, do, have, show, how, me, and a

Reading: Develop fluent reading with repeated readings of a story, read with natural phrasing, read and discuss grade level literary text, understand plot, problem, and solution, match story events to pictures, and understand and use antonyms.

Writing: Opinion Writing about seasons.


Focus for October Number Corner: Ten is the magic number for October, the tenth month of the year. Students compose and decompose the number 10, practice instantly seeing quantities on ten-frames, and learn about “leaps of ten” on the number line. The Calendar Grid features sets of fall pictures to inspire math stories and during the Calendar Collector workout, students collect and count patterns blocks and make a composite shape picture.


We will begin Unit 2 Module 1 Counting, Comparing & Adding With Dominoes. Module 1 focuses on developing counting and addition skills, using dominoes as a springboard. Students learn games in which they match the dots on dominoes, count or add the dots on the two halves of a dominoes, and write equations and inequality statements for the amounts. They also share and discuss addition strategies beyond counting by 1s, such as counting on, combining small groups, and working from known facts to those less familiar. Two new Work Places are introduced.

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