First Grade Weekly Update November 6th-10th

Weekly Syllabus: November 6th-10th, 2023


Tuesday, November 7th is our Chipotle fundraiser from 5:00-7:00.

Friday November 10th is Veteran’s Day. No School.


We will begin Chapter 6 Jesus Shares God’s Love-Students will explore how we share God’s love with others, discover the ways Jesus showed his love for us and that Jesus was raised from the dead and gave us all new life, and that we are all called to share God’s love with others as Jesus did.

Language Arts

Unit 4 Lessons 6-10

Word Work: Associate the ed sound with t and d, review ed ending for verbs, review nouns and verbs, review vowels and consonants, and read and discuss informational text.

Spelling words: yelled, smelled, jumped, bumped, look, your, the, was, are, and for

Reading: Develop fluent reading with repeated reading of a story, observe punctuation and read expressively, compare and contrast texts, know key vocabulary words (yanked, fist, clinched, unclenched, and interesting), understand and use the prefix un, and identify main topic of informational text.

Writing: Personal Narrative


Focus for November Number Corner: This month’s workouts delve into fractions and telling time. Students discover a pattern of friendly animals chomping snacks into wholes, halves, and fourths in the Calendar Grid, and the focus on fractions carries over to Calendar Collector. There, telling time is introduced to the hour and students use fractions of a circle to consider whole and half on an analog clock. November includes the 50th day of school and students use the hundreds grid to discover that they are halfway to the 100th day of school.

We continue with Bridges Unit 2 Module 3 students will be continuing developing adding and subtraction strategies, particularly doubling, counting on, and counting back to solve combinations within 12. Students work with the number rack and then learn games in which they add, subtract, and record their results on graphs. Students who are still counting by 1s to add and subtract are encouraged to count on and count back instead, and those who have moved beyond counting by 1s are encouraged to develop strategies that make use of well-known facts to solve less familiar combinations.

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