First Grade Weekly Update May 6th-10th

Weekly Syllabus: May 6th-10th, 2024


Wednesday, May 8th is our Spring Concert. All students are required to attend. Doors open at 6:40. Concert will begin at 7:00.

Friday, May 10th @ 10:00 is our all school mass for May Crowning. All are welcome to attend.


We will continue our Family Life unit.

Language Arts

Unit 15 Lessons 1-5

Word Work: Associate ou with /ou/, spelling (loud, cloud, proud, found, round, sound, town, clown, brown, and frown), introduce Memory Words (warm, walk, give, once, and done), practice encoding rhyming ou and ow words, decoding and encoding practice with the prefix re, check understanding of a story

Spelling Words: loud, cloud, proud, found, round, sound, town, clown, brown, and frown

Reading: Guide fluency practice with a literary text, vocabulary: introduce Unit 15 Words to Know (spoiled, scatter, and scowl), fluency and comprehension: understanding idioms, setting, vocabulary and characters, discuss lessons taught in stories, the prefix re, understand main ideas of an informational text

Writing: Informative Writing


Number Corner for May:Activities in May focus on numbers up to 120, with students working with the number grid for addition and subtraction in both the Calendar Grid and Computational Fluency workouts, and practicing forward and backward counting by 10s off the decade during the Number Line workout. The Calendar Collector encourages students to extend their concepts about fractions to quarters and dollars by thinking of a quarter as one-fourth of a dollar. They collect a quarter a day and group the quarters into dollars to see how many dollars they can collect before the end of the school year. Counting the days in school continues this month with an eye toward 200 and also summer vacation.

We will be finishing our Bridges Unit 5 Module 3: After a project in which students create nine-patch mini-quilts by composing square quilt blocks into a larger squares, the focus shifts to fractions. Students fold and cut paper to decompose shapes and play a bingo game to explore halves, fourths, and thirds.

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