First Grade Weekly Update May 27th-31st

Weekly Syllabus: May 27th-31st, 2024


Monday, May 27th is the Memorial Day Holiday. No School!

Tuesday, May 28th is the 8th Grade Ribbon Ceremony from 1:00-1:30

Friday, May 31st is the Baccalaureate Mass @ 10:00 and 8th Grade Graduation @ 5:00


We continue with our Family Life unit. Unit 4 God’s Gift of Love: Lesson 5 I Grow and Learn and Lesson 6 I Care for Myself.

Language Arts

Unit 16 Lessons 6-10

Word Work: Identify, decode, and read tag along e words (house, tease, mouse), read and write homophones and homographs, understand and use verbs and adjectives in poetry,

Spelling Words: raise, leave, noise, house, please, live, eight, old, hold, and write

Reading: Develop fluent reading, understand story structure and text features, draw conclusions and make predictions, summarize, and compare and contrast.

Writing: Memorable events and favorite things


Number Corner for May: Activities in May focus on numbers up to 120, with students working with the number grid for addition and subtraction in both the Calendar Grid and Computational Fluency workouts, and practicing forward and backward counting by 10s off the decade during the Number Line workout. The Calendar Collector encourages students to extend their concepts about fractions to quarters and dollars by thinking of a quarter as one-fourth of a dollar. They collect a quarter a day and group the quarters into dollars to see how many dollars they can collect before the end of the school year. Counting the days in school continues this month with an eye toward 200 and also summer vacation.

Bridges Unit 7 Module 3: Hansel and Gretel are having so much fun marking the paths around their house in the woods that they decide to add a few amenities. Each of these objects has a different length; the fence sections are 10 units, the benches 5, the trash cans 2, and the flowerpots 1. This gives students all kinds of interesting opportunities to design paths of different lengths and to compute the lengths of path sections presented to them. The Hansel and Gretel theme culminates in a partner game the students make themselves involving a path 120 steps long. They spin to make jumps of 1, 2, 5, or 10, and later 20 or 30, to race from one end of the path to the other. The game can be played forward or backward and allows students to practice adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers on a number line.

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