First Grade Weekly Update May 13th-17th

Weekly Syllabus: May 13th-17th, 2024


Monday, May 13th is Math Night from 6-7:30 is O’Brien Hall.

Tuesday, May 14th is our Fun Run. First Grade will be running from 9:25-9:55.

Friday, May 17th is our last Spirit Day. There theme is SPN Spartan Spirit.


Family Life-Unit 3 God’s Gift of Life and Unit 4 God’s Gift of Love.

Language Arts

Unit 15 Lessons 6-10

Word Work: Identify final long o sounds, associate ow with long o, read a decodable story with long o, decode difficult words from an informational text, recognize ow spelling patterns, and write words with ow

Spelling Words: low, blow, grow, slow, snow, warm, walk, once, give, and done

Reading: Develop fluent reading with repeated reading of a story, observe end punctuation while reading, understand characters and their feelings, discuss lessons taught in a story, identify the topic of an informational text, compare and contrast texts, understand the author’s purpose and reasons, and understand shades of meaning

Writing: Poetry


Number Corner for May: Activities in May focus on numbers up to 120, with students working with the number grid for addition and subtraction in both the Calendar Grid and Computational Fluency workouts, and practicing forward and backward counting by 10s off the decade during the Number Line workout. The Calendar Collector encourages students to extend their concepts about fractions to quarters and dollars by thinking of a quarter as one-fourth of a dollar. They collect a quarter a day and group the quarters into dollars to see how many dollars they can collect before the end of the school year. Counting the days in school continues this month with an eye toward 200 and also summer vacation.

Bridges Unit 7 Module 2: This module and the next focus on numbers to 120 on a number line. Students enter the fairytale world of Hansel and Gretel, who create and mark paths by dropping pebbles every 10 steps. When these intervals prove to be too far apart, they use pinecones to mark each halfway point. Finally, they drop bread crumbs to mark each step. Hungry birds and squirrels have a way of making the bread crumbs disappear sometimes, leaving interesting gaps here and there. The pathlike number lines that emerge during this module give students many opportunities to count forward and backward by 1s, 5s, and 10s from a variety of starting points, read and write numbers to 120, and add and subtract 1-digit numbers to and from 2-digit numbers.

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