First Grade Weekly Update

The emergency evacuation drill was a success!  The students cooperated and were well behaved.  Thank you to all of you for your participation.

Please turn in permission slips by Tuesday, April 9 for the Chabot Space and Science Center field trip on Friday, May 3.  

On Wednesday, April 17, we will be walking to the Alameda Free Library for an Earth Day field trip with the rest of the school to see a presentation of Penguins.  

Here is a look at what we are working on this week:

English Language Arts:

  • read  You and Me and the Superkids, A Super Day at Happy Land
  • sight words:  their    now    always    because    been
  • contractions with isam, and are  (it’s,  I’m,  I’ll)
  • Opinion Writing


  • 2 dimensional shapes 
  • defining attributes for shapes
  • identify, name, describe and compare 3D shapes
  • fractions  (1/2,  1/3,  1/4)


  • Lent
  • Stations of the Cross


  • How can the stars help you if you get lost?

Dates to Remember:

April 12-Faith Families

April 15-free dress for April birthdays

April 16-Stations of the Cross, 2 p.m.

                 Mini Maker Faire, 5-7:30 p.m.

April 17-walking field trip to Alameda Theatre

April 18-Seder Meal/Minimum Day

April 19-28-Easter Break

April 30-Fun Run kickoff

May 3-field trip to Chabot Space and Science Center

May 9-Celebration of the Arts/Spring Concert

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