First Grade Weekly Update

Valentine’s Day was great fun!  Thank you to parents who sent in treats and Mrs. Woods for sending in the fun craft.  I love all the Valentine’s received.

The students will begin a Digital Citizenship class this week with Mr. Toner to help the students navigate through the devices we use in the classroom and at home.

We completed theCircle of Grace safe environment curriculum.  Students brought home the green, yellow and red circles we used to show responses to certain situations in addition to the parent letter.

We will begin the next round of STAR testing this week.

If your child is interested in creating a book for the Diocesan Young Author’s Fair, please let me know and I can send home the guidelines.  We will be doing a class book in the classroom, but budding authors are welcome to do individual books on their own.  Books will be due on March 4.

Here is a look at what we are working on this week:

English Language Arts:

  • read  Let’s Put on a Play,  The Contest:  A Play,  
  • sight words:  would     could     some     one     new     were
  • long vowel words spelled with ue  (blue) and ie (tie)
  • opinion writing
  • STAR Testing:  Early Literacy


  • number stories using the number line
  • addition and subtraction with multiples of 10
  • develop number sense and relationship among numbers in 0-120 range
  • recognize and extend number patterns
  • understand multiples of 10 and refer to tens and ones
  • compare pairs of 2 digit numbers
  • mentally find the number that is 10 more/less than a given 2 digit number


  • Faith Families-praying the rosary
  • Zones of Regulation-identify the zones with facial expressions

Social Studies:

  • President’s Day


  • What does your shadow do  when you are not looking

Dates to Remember:

February 18-President’s Day Holiday

Februay 19-Faith Families, 1 p.m.

February 27-Lillian Black Festival @ Bishop O’Dowd High School

March 4-Young Author’s Faire books due (optional)

March 5-Burning of the Palms Prayer Service

March 6-Ash Wednesday, 8:30 all school mass (full uniform)

March 8-end of 2nd trimester!

March 14-Report cards home

March 15-No school for students

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